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M. Sue Bergin

A couple holds hands with a scary movie in the background


The Horrors of Wedded Ambivalence

Researchers use scary movies to study fear and support in marriage relationships.

A phone zooms in on a grumpy toddler sitting in a cart in the grocery store.


Toddlers, Tantrums, and Tech

Helping kids manage their emotions well means media shouldn’t be the go-to pacifier.

All three with smiles, an attentive father kneels down next to his daughter who is seated in a playground swing as a mother observes.

Family Focus

Breaking the Cycle of Childhood Trauma

With help and counseling, fathers can heal from adverse childhood experiences and become better parents.

This illustration depicts a young woman with autism. A hand reaching in brushes the subject's hair aside to reveal some colorful puzzle pieces on her forehead.


Why Autism Diagnoses Matter

Identifying autism sooner—especially in girls—could improve and even save lives.

Seeing Differences
Winter 2021
Beginning with their own example, parents can teach their children to be loving and inclusive.
Maximizing the Mashup
Fall 2020
When earning and learning and living all happen in the same space, boundaries can blur. Here’s what to do about it.
Looking at Finances and Health in a Pandemic
Summer 2020
With so many unknowns, a BYU dean—and household finance expert—shares pointers to help gain stability.
Don’t Let Your Marriage Go Cold
Spring 2020
For empty-nest couples, keeping a marriage strong—or reviving it—calls for new strategies and renewed commitment.
Teen Sports Can Build Empathy, Resilience, and Relationships
Winter 2020
As they go through tough experiences, teen athletes gain resilience that makes their lives better.
Cultivating Self-Compassion
Fall 2019
Speak to yourself in loving ways and talk about yourself with others as gently as you would speak about another person.
A Guide to Young Love
Summer 2019
Armed with data from a new BYU study, parents can help teens navigate their first romantic relationships.
Summer Fun for Stronger Families
Spring 2019
How to design quality, values-added summer activities with your family.
Facts of Life
Winter 2019
The more parents discuss sex with their kids, the less likely the children are to engage in risky sexual behaviors.
Responding to a Suicidal Youth
Fall 2018
How can you tell if your child is suicidal? Here are signs to watch for.
Handheld Therapy
Summer 2018
Need a quick therapy sesh to treat anxiety or depression? Grab your phone.
When Push Turns to Shove
Spring 2018
Is your child being bullied? Here’s what to do.
Doing Good Better
Winter 2018
Why do so many well-intentioned service efforts fall short? BYU experts offer ideas on how to make a real difference.
Divide or Conquer
Winter 2018
Thoughts about divorce are common—perhaps even inevitable—and don’t mean the end of a relationship.
Emerging Adults and the Marriage Paradox
Fall 2017
The struggle is real for millennials, who grapple with how to prioritize education, career, and marriage.
A House Undivided
Summer 2017
More women are working outside the home—but they are still doing lion’s share of housework. Why?
Reading to Teach
Spring 2017
A subtle tale can inspire young readers to think, feel, and grow.
A Wise Investment
Winter 2017
By following basic financial principles, families can land big returns—in peace and joy.
Building the Teenage Self
Fall 2016
How do teens build self-control? First, they have to grapple with adversity, says BYU research.
Real Men Get Help
Summer 2016
Not seeking treatment for mental-health issues is a mistake.
Families That Grieve Together . . .
Spring 2016
Given time and space, grieving families can strengthen bonds.
Is Your Marriage Hurting Your Heart?
Winter 2016
A so-so marriage can create emotional distress and affect blood pressure.
Sprechen Sie Deutsch?
Fall 2015
Bilingual parenting is easier than you would expect.
Unplug and Reconnect
Spring 2015
Holding hands instead of handhelds can reduce relationship static.
The Imperfectly Happy Family
Summer 2015
After suffering an aneurysm, Katy and her husband had to adjust their expectations for themselves and their children.
Playing Favorites
Winter 2015
Parents can’t always change perceptions, but they can work to create warm and open family relationships.
Immunization Misconceptions
Fall 2014
The truth about vaccines is a matter of life and death.
Catching Children’s Cues
Summer 2014
Focusing on cues and reading to kids earlier increase their cognitive development and better prepare them for school.
Keeping the Faith
Spring 2014
What do you do when a child has doctrinal doubts?
Families of Diversity
Winter 2014
Families of diversity must be ready to examine motives, build identities, and embrace differences.
Steps to Better Stepfathering
Fall 2013
Close stepfamilies are created with communication and adaptation.
Changing Diapers, Washing Dishes, Wiping Tears
Summer 2013
When dads are more involved with kids, both moms and dads are happier.
The Hazards of Helicopter Parenting
Spring 2013
To take flight on their own, young adults need a little air space.
Protecting Your Child’s Brain
Winter 2013
Concussions are not something to be taken lightly.
Supporting Overweight Teens
Fall 2012
To help your child on the outside, start on the inside.
The Benefits of Mommy Blogging
Summer 2012
Research shows increased marital satisfaction and less parenting stress are just some of the blessings of blogging.
Families that Flourish
Spring 2012
BYU scholars have unearthed gems of wisdom that help families thrive. And they’ve only just begun.
Why Grandparents Matter
Spring 2012
BYU researchers show how grandparents can influence their children’s children for good.
Safeguarding the Siblings of Children with Special Needs
Winter 2012
Families should know the potential risks, get support, and expand their faith.
Anchoring the Faith of Your Teenager
Fall 2011
Fostering family relationships and traditions may be key to strengthening your teen's faith.
Strategies for Sacred Living
Summer 2011
Intentionally living five key principles can help your family flourish.
Resisting Coercive Parenting
Spring 2011
Psychologically coercive parenting approaches can be as harmful to a child’s psyche as physical coercion.
The Dangerous Digital Vortex
Winter 2011
Savvy parents connect with their children to build powerful family firewalls.
Understanding and Improving Your Parenting Style
Fall 2010
Studies show parents with an authoritative style are more effective at supervising and supporting children.
Money Management Myths
Summer 2010
Bryan Sudweeks' ideas are an amalgam of sound financial practices and gospel principles.
Fostering Religious Understanding
Spring 2010
BYU’s Chair of Religious Understanding shares insights on teaching children to value other religions.
A Mosaic of Fathering
Winter 2010
A study interviewed 36 single fathers about their experiences raising children on their own.
Good Habits Start with … Money?
Fall 2009
Giving kids an incentive for any number of good things can help establish healthy lifelong habits.
Helping the Grieving Child
Summer 2009
Ways to cope and communicate after the death of a loved one.
Time to Build a Better Marriage
Spring 2009
Couples can strengthen their relationships with books, Web sites, and other “self-directed” approaches.
Making Dinner Together Time
Winter 2009
Sharing the evening meal can benefit families beleaguered by long work hours.
Does Birth Order Matter?
Fall 2008
With only so much time to go around, parents often spend 3,000 hours less with their second child.
Summer 2008
Young adults today don’t feel like kids or adults. Here’s how parents can help them through an extended adolescence.
Resolving Conflicts
Spring 2008
Steps we can take to increase family harmony and foster spiritual growth.
Enjoy a Richer Life
Winter 2008
A BYU professor offers five signs of materialism and four strategies for change.
Take a Healthy Look
Fall 2007
How we can help children become wise stewards of their bodies.
It’s the Latest Technology for Goodness’ Sake
Summer 2007
Text, blog, record, or snap—it takes just a few clicks to connect with your family.
Lies, Gossip, and Cold Shoulders
Spring 2007
BYU researchers offer strategies to combat the “mean girl” phenomenon in children and youth.
Teaching Children Empathy
Winter 2007
As coaches and models, parents can help children learn about others’ feelings.
Brothers in Deviance
Fall 2006
A delinquent child may be passing down more than just used clothes to younger siblings.
Fall 2006
BYU researchers bridge the gap between the ivory tower and the marketplace.
Caring for the Caregiver
Summer 2006
To successfully watch over another, caregivers must also watch out for themselves.
A Welcoming Campus Home
Spring 2006
The new Gordon B. Hinckley Alumni and Visitors Center will provide an inviting front door to BYU’s campus.
Uncommon Chemistry
Winter 2006
An award-winning professor, a female chemist, and a Catholic at BYU, Juliana Boerio-Goates is used to standing out.
Put Your House in Legal Order
Winter 2006
Now is the time to answer life's "what if" questions.
Resisting Marital Entropy
Fall 2005
BYU researchers say there is much couples can do to revitalize their marriage.
The Adoption Decision
Summer 2005
Three considerations can help adults determine whether adoption is right for them.
Drawing Out the Withdrawn Child
Winter 2005
Parents can create opportunities for their shy children to conquer their fears.
Grubs and Grasshoppers VS. Disneyland
Fall 2004
BYU research shows how families can be strengthened through experiencing adventures together.
Extraordinary Gifts
Fall 2004
Everyday people dig deep to give generously to BYU.
The Costs of Job Loss
Spring 2004
From former steelworkers, BYU professors and students learn the high social and personal costs of blue-collar job loss.
Retelling a Tragedy
Winter 2004
With two award-winning books, English professor Chris Crowe refuses to let memory of the murder of Emmett Till fade.
Fit for Office
Summer 2003
As he takes on a new role as BYU President, all of his previous roles have combined to make him the perfect fit.
Such Stuff as Dreams Are Made On
Fall 2002
The BYU Shakespeare Fellowship reaches out to the community through Shakespeare-related activities.
Of Honesty And Love
Summer 2002
Terry Warner has conducted a lifelong quest to understand the human tendency toward self-deception.
A Serious Study of the Funnies
Spring 2002
Studying comics and pop culture, a BYU humanities professor examines the role of satire in society.
Speaking in Tongues
Winter 2002
Teaching 35 languages, BYU provides a host of opportunities for achieving fluency.
Wanted: True Blue Alumni Donors
Fall 2001
Consistency in giving is important to the progress of the work.
The Power of One
Fall 2001
The university rolls out a new approach to its donation program and outlines how it will be even more beneficial.
Raising Children with Special Needs
Spring 2001
BYU researchers offer support on raising children with disabilities.
Learning From Children
Spring 2001
An interdisciplinary BYU team seeks to help families raising children with disabilities.
Microscopic Metal Detection
Winter 2001
A team of BYU chemistry researchers has engineered molecules that may help prevent catastrophes in the future.
A Sense of Place, A Sense of Family: Artist Creates Sculptures for Denmark
Spring 2000
Smith's art is rooted in his sense of place - Alpine Utah, his childhood home, and Denmark, where he served a mission.
Kristi Melven: Improving Nursing Care for Newborns
Winter 2000
Melven's passion for her research topic is evident, as is her love of children.
Propagating City Plans: A Genetic Approach to the Problems of Urban Growth
Fall 1999
An alliance of BYU professors is hoping to help with a novel approach to land-use planning that uses computers.
The Chemical Detective
Summer 1999
BYU chemistry professor Milton L. Lee has 10 patents thanks to his ability to solve problems.
Zeroing in on the Millennium
Fall 1998
Advice for those leery of the millennial year.