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BYU Family Insights

Family Focus
A cute baby girl plays with a set of colorful stacking cups.
Parenting with Peace
Learn four ways that parents can strengthen their marital relationships and experience increased peace.
A young woman has a caring conversation with her aging relative.


Prepare to Care

Insights from a BYU professor on having open conversations about caregiving for aging family members.

In a cemetery, three teens create an impression by rubbing chalk or charcoal on a paper pressed to a headstone.


Ancestral Anchors

Family history stories empower and nurture identity in teens.

An illustrated crocodile with a smartphone in its mouth and a pink hand reaching down to access a dating app.


The Dangers of Dating Apps

Violent sexual predators are using dating apps to target vulnerable victims.

Y on Y Mountain framed by trees
A Healthy Way to Talk to Kids About Sex
Healthy sexuality isn't an easy topic. This expert shares how to talk to kids about sex using research and the gospel.
A photo of a mom crouching on her skateboard while helping her toddler daughter balance on the board.


Skater Mums

An award-winning BYU capstone film explores resilience from a new angle: mothers who skateboard.

A toddler with curly brown hair sits in his high chair and bites into a green stalk of broccoli. An abandoned swirl sucker has been set to the side.

Family Focus

Nourish and Strengthen

Empowering children to improve their relationship with food and body image starts at home.

A happy figurine family stands atop a pile of coins.

Family Focus

For Love and Money

Parents who teach their kids about money set them up for future success, both financially and romantically.

Illustration of children holding up their hands on a laptop screen in an online classroom and the title "How to Win @ Online Learning."


How to Win @ Online Learning

Love it or loathe it, online learning is here to stay. See how BYU experts are navigating the new currents of edtech.

Letters from Home
Cows wander over hills with a house and farm in the background.
Finding Green Pastures
How four restless cows became reminders of grace and peace.

Letters from Home

Underground Gratitude 

The best part of basement living? Developing relationships with my family upstairs.

Cartoon drawing of a father and his kid staring up at the stars and constellations.


The Dark Planet

By restoring old cars Scott Knight connects with his son and is finally able to understand the world of ADHD.



Wherever mom was, we were. In the kitchen. On her king-size bed. As close as we could possibly get to her on the couch.