Alumni Arts: Drawing from Her Childhood
As a child, Suzy Gerhart (BFA ’99) decided to either become a librarian or an illustrator. See her where she is today.


Holy Land, Sacred Memories

A new alumni chapter for the BYU Jerusalem Center seeks to capture memories and stories from alumni who studied there.


Flying Under the Lucky Star

A family of balloonists are bound together by their high-flying pursuit. Meet the Cannon family.


Going Forth: Stirring Souls with Music

Karl Johnson plays bass trombone in the United States Marine Band, the country’s oldest professional music organization.


Going Forth: Parasite Hunter

Toxoplasma gondii—a deadly, if mostly unknown, parasite—has the full attention of researcher Kjerstie Olson.

Tiny Wiper
Amanda Bartschi and Jacob Sheffield won the 2021 Student Innovator of the Year award.

Student Life

BYU 2020 Giving Report: Building the Future

Donations to BYU were at a record high in 2020, providing scholarships and opportunity to students like Savannah Taylor.


Yesterday: Scallywags on Stage

See 1966 BYU performers do their thing.


Spinning Records

BYUSA president Paul Victor can put a spin on almost anything—plates, books, pillows, even laptops.

The Halloween Dream Team
Meet the makeup artist behind athletic director Tom Holmoe's epic Halloween costumes.


Tweet Others As You Want to Be Tweeted

Q&A with BYU social media manager on internet trolls and avoiding negativity online.


Pop-Culture Power

Scott Church, who teaches a class on pop culture at BYU, says our entertainment is more than an escape from boredom.


Slam Dunk

With boundless enthusiasm, Coach Pope is quickly—and not quietly—making his presence known.