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BYU People

Smashing Success
Health is another driver of the Johnsons’ pickleball passion. “Pickleball saved my life,” and he means it.


Fighting for Every Faith

A BYU alum is making the case for religious minorities.

Spencer Shin poses for a picture with his family.


For Faith and Family

Yong-In Spencer Shin, a BYU Distinguished Alumni Award winner, has built a legacy of faith and family.


American Moms

Twin BYU journalism grads work to build a kinder, more civil nation.

A lemon blueberry muffin drizzled in frosting sits on a white plate, garnished with seven blueberries.


Fancy, Frugal Favorites

Lifelong cooking enthusiast and food blogger Danelle McCollum shares two simple but delightful recipes.

Trivial Pursuit
A trio of BYU students made it to the semifinals of NBC’s Capital One College Bowl.
Two students, each on opposite sides of an indoor glass window, write math equations together on the window.


Brother-Sister Act

The basics of college life are anything but simple for Damian Anderson, who has autism.

Paige Moore held up in the air, cheering as a team flyer.


Cheerful Persistence

Paige Moore overcame debilitating brain injury, allowing her to achieve her childhood dream.

Sami Layadi ('25) poses in a hallway on campus while wearing his "buff", a special piece of clothing given to each Survivor cast member.


Big Moves

Sami Layadi's ('25) pandemic binge-watch was CBS's Survivor. A couple years later, he became a cast member.

Professor Julianne Grose poses in a lab coat.
A professor has inspired more than 5,000 BYU students to register as bone-marrow donors.
A female professor with brown hair and light skin sits in her office, surrounded by books and computer screens, smiling at the camera


Food Insecurity at College

Food insecurity at college is more prevalent than in the general population, says BYU researcher Rickelle Richards.

Professor Jacob Rawlins tops glass bowls of homemade ice cream with waffle chips.


The Classroom Scoop

The sweet taste and punny names of editing professor Jacob Rawlins's homemade ice cream bring flavor to his classroom.


The Gift of Feedback

Feedback is a gift—no matter how badly it's wrapped.