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Welcome to the Y Magazine podcast, bringing you ideas, stories, and voices from Brigham Young University. Join host Whitney Singley Archibald (BA '01) in episodes releasing twice a month on all major podcast platforms.


Religious Freedom with Elizabeth Clark

Elizabeth Clark, of BYU's International Center for Law and Religion Studies, shares insights on what religious freedom really is, why it matters, and what we can do to stand up for it.

BYU Joins the Big 12

Article: This Is Big

Listen to thoughts from women's soccer coach Jen Rockwood, women's cross-country coach Diljeet Taylor, and men's basketball coach Mark Pope about BYU joining the Big 12.

Lifelong Wellness

Article: All Is SWELL

Learn tips and tricks from BYU student wellness (SWELL) class instructors that apply whether you're doing Zumba for credit or simply exercising on your home from home. Take a trip down memory lane and remember your own sports and fitness classes from BYU.

Essentially and Simply with Greg McKeown

Article: The Essentialist

Feeling like you’ve whittled down your responsibilities to the absolute essentials but can’t ever shake utter exhaustion? Learn from Greg McKeown (BA ’03), BYU alum and the best-selling author of Essentialism and Effortless, about his own journey through burnout to simplicity.

BYU Photo and the Art of Mentorship

Article: Breakthrough

Follow BYU photographer Jaren S. Wilkey (BA ’01) through the creative process of capturing a masterpiece photo. Wilkey talks through a recent favorite shoot, featuring linebacker Pepe M. Tanuvasa (BS ’22) smashing through a sugar glass pane, eyes fixed on the foe.

Mapping Molokai

Article: Mauka to Makai

For L. Kala’i Ellis (BS ‘20, MS ‘22), reef conservation on the island of Molokai, Hawaii, is more than a research interest—it’s part of his heritage. Ellis, who recently obtained his graduate degree in biology, was the lead student researcher in a project involving cutting-edge technology, from 3D-modeling software to aquatic and aerial drones, to learn about Molokai’s reefs and the environmental factors threatening their survival. Tune in to discover a scientific adventure reaching from the peaks of the Wasatch front to the shallows of the Molokai reef.

How to Be a Good Citizen with the American Moms

Article: American Moms

One truth was clear to sisters Brittany Candrian Richman (BA ’04) and Andrea Candrian Reeve (BA ’04): “People don’t understand what it takes to make a difference in our country.” Andrea and Brittany, twin BYU journalism grads with respective careers in politics, resolved to change that. They started the American Moms, a blog and Instagram account devoted to offering tips on civil engagement and involvement in public life.

Writing and Teaching with ChatGPT

Article: I, Chatbot

Tune in for a chat with BYU writing instructor Meredith Reed to learn about how artificial intelligence is changing writing and classroom learning.

A Chat with President C. Shane Reese

President C. Shane Reese is enthusiastic about a lot of things: sports from football to pickleball, reading, gardening, peanut butter, and his chosen field of study—statistics. He brings his trademark passion to his new position as president of BYU.

BYU Pioneers in Chaplaincy

Article: Called to Service

When Dawn Dimick (’23) decided to join the army, she had several career choices ahead of her. Through it all she felt prompted in one direction: to become a military chaplain. Dimick is now the first female military chaplaincy student at BYU, and she will be among the first endorsed by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.  Hear about Dimick’s journey and meet two others helping pioneer the field of chaplaincy for Latter-day Saint women at BYU: Delacie Barney (BA ’94, MA ’19), BYU’s first-ever healthcare chaplain grad, and Tamara Fitzgerald Harris (’79), chaplain services manager for the Church.

Cake By Courtney: Baking, Business, and Faith

Article: Rich Recipes

Chocolate cheesecake cake with an Oreo crust and cream cheese filling? Biscoff strawberry cake with a strawberry jelly buttercream? If those descriptions make your mouth water—or make you want to google a recipe—join us to hear from Courtney Carlston Rich (BA ’05), creator of the <em>Cake by Courtney</em> blog, culinary teacher, entrepreneur, mom, and BYU grad.

Happiness 101

Article: Let Joy Find You

How do we find happiness? The question is just about the oldest one out there, and we haven’t stopped asking it. In this inaugural episode, hear from four BYU professors across campus who tackle the question of happiness.