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BYU Campus

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Distance runner Casey A. Clinger ('23) runs down a grassy field, leading the pack.


Sorry Not Sorry, Coach

Casey A. Clinger ('23) shatters a 38-year old distance running record held by none other than his own coach.


Team Thompson

Not many families can say they have an NCAA All-American, but the Thompson family had three in one year.

Paige Moore held up in the air, cheering as a team flyer.


Cheerful Persistence

Paige Moore overcame debilitating brain injury, allowing her to achieve her childhood dream.

Tailey Rowley, national collegiate disc golf champion, prepares for a toss in the rain
Learning Curve
Tailey Rowley was named the national collegiate disc golf champion—just a year and a half after picking up the sport.
A polish folk-art sculpture of a Book of Mormon scene.
A Catholic Reads the Book of Mormon 
Catholic Polish woodcarver Roman Śledź creates Book of Mormon woodcarvings based on his reading and Catholic background.
An illustration shows a frog clinging to a lily pad to try to stay out of the water. It has a traditional Japanese feel.


A Splash of Inspiration

A student illustrator draws on her heritage to create an absurdist take on a traditional Japanese haiku.

Harris Fine Arts Center courtyard with the title "Bravo!" in text.



BYU bids a fond farewell to the Harris Fine Arts Center, a longtime home for the arts and communications.


Faithful Works

Rachel Cannon Boss (’23) isn’t an art student, but she still has a painting hanging in a gallery.

First Person
A cartoon hitchhiker holds up a cardboard sign with PHOENIX scrawled on it.


In the Summertime 

During the summer months, BYU students had some extra time to earn money, have adventures, and store up memories.


So Long, HFAC

Grads share their artful experiences in a beloved BYU building.

An illustration of a female college student strains to raise a heavy weightlifting barbell. Stacks of dumbbells and weights sit in the foreground.


Working Out 

BYU grads recall the many ways they stayed active on campus.

A cartoon depiction of a BYU student sitting on a log outside a rustic cabin where others are organizing a search party.


Some Who Wander Are Lost

When the world is your campus, it’s best to bring a map.