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Keeping the Faith

Courtney Wayment ended her BYU track career with more national titles than any other BYU female athlete.

BYU women's soccer player raising up her hands high above her head in greeting


High Hopes

The BYU women’s soccer team finished 2022 with its first-ever repeat appearance in the NCAA Sweet 16.

Y on Y Mountain framed by trees


Record High

Pole vaulter R. Zachary McWhorter (’22) quite literally bends over backwards to break records.

Team Thompson
Not many families can say they have an NCAA All-American, but the Thompson family had three in one year.
One of Smoot's interior design models.
Photographic Storytelling 
Seth Smoot takes photography to the next level with his unique storytelling style.


In Full Bloom 

BYU alumna Emily Fox King uses floral paintings to explore different meanings of femininity.

Harris Fine Arts Center courtyard with the title "Bravo!" in text.



BYU bids a fond farewell to the Harris Fine Arts Center, a longtime home for the arts and communications.


Faithful Works

Rachel Cannon Boss (’23) isn’t an art student, but she still has a painting hanging in a gallery.

First Person
An illustration of a female college student strains to raise a heavy weightlifting barbell. Stacks of dumbbells and weights sit in the foreground.


Working Out 

BYU grads recall the many ways they stayed active on campus.

A cartoon depiction of a BYU student sitting on a log outside a rustic cabin where others are organizing a search party.


Some Who Wander Are Lost

When the world is your campus, it’s best to bring a map.

A grandma leads two students carrying a giant pitcher of green bean juice.

First Person

Sharing a Meal 

Enjoy a big gulp of bean juice or an eye-watering bite of black pepper as BYU grads share tasty tales from campus meals.

An illustrated barbershop quartet


High and Low Notes

Grads share their unforgettable BYU musical moments.

Student Life
A basket of steamed buns from Bun Boiz.


Bros and Boiz

With sweet treats and savory delights, enterprising BYU students and alumni are finding success in Provo’s food scene.

1950s students eat at the cafeteria in the old Joseph Smith Building on BYU campus.
It’s Never Just Food 
BYU's new managing director of Dining Services examines the role food and eating play in the creation of BYU culture.