BYU People

Whatever It Takes
When her toddler son received a devastating diagnosis, a mother threw herself into the fight to find a cure.


Inspiring Kid Creativity

With the help of his kids, an alum brings art lessons to children everywhere.


A Hand Up for Female Business Owners

Two entrepreneurs have built an app to help women grow home-based businesses.


Answering the Call

An alum’s tireless legislative work is bringing hope and help to people in their darkest times.

BYU biologist Jerry Johnson doing research with students in a river in Costa Rica.


Curiouser and Curiouser

In his research and his teaching, a BYU grad and professor explores big questions in biology and faith.

Trivial Pursuit
A trio of BYU students made it to the semifinals of NBC’s Capital One College Bowl.
Two students, each on opposite sides of an indoor glass window, write math equations together on the window.


Brother-Sister Act

The basics of college life are anything but simple for Damian Anderson, who has autism.


Team Thompson

Not many families can say they have an NCAA All-American, but the Thompson family had three in one year.

Y on Y Mountain framed by trees


Staging a Comeback

Former BYU football player and current actor, Tuifua stars as Captain Moroni in the Book of Mormon videos.

Professor Julianne Grose poses in a lab coat.
A professor has inspired more than 5,000 BYU students to register as bone-marrow donors.
A female professor with brown hair and light skin sits in her office, surrounded by books and computer screens, smiling at the camera


Food Insecurity at College

Food insecurity at college is more prevalent than in the general population, says BYU researcher Rickelle Richards.

Professor Jacob Rawlins tops glass bowls of homemade ice cream with waffle chips.


The Classroom Scoop

The sweet taste and punny names of editing professor Jacob Rawlins's homemade ice cream bring flavor to his classroom.

Blindfolded students practices putting a sheet on cookies into the over while her professor watches


Blind Hope

In her New Horizons Lab, a legally blind nursing professor teaches people with vision impairments how to cook.