BYU People

Whatever It Takes
When her toddler son received a devastating diagnosis, a mother threw herself into the fight to find a cure.


The Essentialist

Greg McKeown, the author of Essentialism, talks epic fails and how to do more by doing less.


Building His Community 

Each year an alum donates a home makeover to a neighbor in need.


Answering the Call

An alum’s tireless legislative work is bringing hope and help to people in their darkest times.


Curiouser and Curiouser

In his research and his teaching, a BYU grad and professor explores big questions in biology and faith.

Staging a Comeback
Former BYU football player and current actor, Tuifua stars as Captain Moroni in the Book of Mormon videos.


Brother-Sister Act

The basics of college life are anything but simple for Damian Anderson, who has autism.


Fowl Waters

A student-designed filter is making murky waters drinkable.


Faithful Works

Rachel Cannon Boss (’23) isn’t an art student, but she still has a painting hanging in a gallery.

The Classroom Scoop
The sweet taste and punny names of editing professor Jacob Rawlins's homemade ice cream bring flavor to his classroom.


Utah Food Lore

Eric Eliason breaks down Utah food traditions like fry sauce, scones, green jell-O, funeral potatoes, and more.


Running on Empty

BYU Economics Professor Christian Vom Lehn answers questions about inflation and the state of the economy in 2022.


Blind Hope

In her New Horizons Lab, a legally blind nursing professor teaches people with vision impairments how to cook.