Embracing the Whole 

Life-sciences student Erika Frandsen honors BYU founder Martha Jane Knowlton Coray and reflects on being "too much."


Not So Fast, Not So Furious 

BYU took first at the Shell Eco-Marathon with a vehicle that could drive from Provo to Atlanta on one gallon.


Of Faith and Football 

It's not just about wins and losses. BYU has bigger objectives that lead it to sponsor a collegiate athletics program.

BYU nurses gather to pray by a hospital bed.


The Spirit at the Y

BYU grads share how gospel light changed their lives.

In a cemetery, three teens create an impression by rubbing chalk or charcoal on a paper pressed to a headstone.


Ancestral Anchors

Family history stories empower and nurture identity in teens.

An illustration of two babies—one in a crib, the other in a high chair; both surrounded by letters spelling out baby names with features associated with Utah.


What’s in a Baby Neighm?

Just how unique are baby names in Utah?

A woman in a purple turtleneck clutches a megaphone to her chest, glancing timidly at a cluster of floating, disembodied heads that surround her and fix her with judgmental gazes.


Innovation Zone

Innovation means validating others as well as brutal honesty, say BYU business professors.

A male law professor in a suit and tie holds a textbook about law and religious liberty


Religious Liberty for All

What is religious liberty, and how can the average person safeguard this human right?

Brandon Sanderson poses with two of his former students, Charlie Holmberg and Brian McClellan, in front of a dark wooden bookcase.


Fantastic Mentor

Brandon Sanderson teaches one of BYU's most popular courses—here's why aspiring writers flock to his class.


Mind Game

How do you come back after a fall during a race? Rooks has an answer for that.


Qualified to Help 

Eager to help, nursing student Nadia DeVol volunteered as a translator for a nursing trip to help Ukrainian refugees.


Called for Life

Laesgaw K’Chawtee aims to empower his people—at BYU, he’s starting by teaching their language.

A polish folk-art sculpture of a Book of Mormon scene.


A Catholic Reads the Book of Mormon 

Catholic Polish woodcarver Roman Śledź creates Book of Mormon woodcarvings based on his reading and Catholic background.

Two BYU Speeches translations students, a man and a woman, pose by a podium in the Marriott Center.
Every Nation, Kindred, and Tongue
BYU Speeches goes trilingual with Japanese and Spanish translations.
Mixed media design of a man's head speaking into a remote. Woman stands behind.

Letters from Home

Remote Learning

A sports-loving husband learns a lesson from a TV controller.


Fostering a Brighter Future

A BYU alumni couple has provided refuge for thousands of Northern Californian children.


Team Thompson

Not many families can say they have an NCAA All-American, but the Thompson family had three in one year.

In an ornate, gilded picture frame set on a table, surrounded by various trinkets like a toy airplane and an old-fashioned stopwatch, four women and a baby, all part of the same family line, smile and pose in a photo.


Circles of Love

LeeAnne Lisonbee Whitaker remembers a moment of connection across five living generations of women in her family.