Doing Good Better

Why do so many well-intentioned service efforts fall short? BYU experts offer ideas on how to make a real difference.


On Loss and Waiting

When life’s uncertainties are overwhelming, solace can be found as we wait upon the Lord.

Web-Only Stories

Web Only

A Lecture for Young Mormons

The author of Letters to a Young Mormon drew a crowd at his BYU lecture on Mormonism and morality.

Web Only

Crayon Jewels

Thirty-nine colored-in masterpieces made it into our inbox. Four emerged victorious.

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At the Y

To Behold and Be Held

BYU students flocked to the Harold B. Lee Library for the chance to hold a first-edition copy of the Book of Mormon.

At the Y

Mr. Impossible

Proposal of the decade goes to Y student Andrew Justvig, who shows anything can happen if you let it.

Cougs You Should Know

Alumni News

Fostering Love

Meet the Smiths, a couple who opened their hearts and home to some 150 foster children.

Alumni News

Channeling Success

Former BYU Swim Captain Kurt Dickson, now 50, set a record swimming the English Channel solo.

Alumni News

A Mediator Mom

This alumna, mom, and mediation expert says the same skills apply to toddlers and CEOs.

Alumni News

Documenting Devotion

Documentary photographer and BYU alumnus David Storey shares favorite images of the devout around the world.

Fun Stuff

At the Y

Now That’s a Wrap

Arguably the coolest car on campus, Hawkes Poulter’s tricked-out Acura RSX is a canvas of all his childhood loves.

NEW: Letters from Home

Letters From Home

Grandma’s Tree

Grafting good into your family can bear sweet fruit.

Letters From Home

Heart and Mind

A new magazine section, “Letters from Home,” launches with a piece on discerning truth from an insult.

Letters From Home

Backyard Archaeology

Unearthing artifacts of her kids’ past, a mother also catches glimpses of their future.