BYU Research

Utah Food Lore
Eric Eliason breaks down Utah food traditions like fry sauce, scones, green jell-O, funeral potatoes, and more.


The Rewards of Indebtedness

Deep gratitude to God is a remedy for entitlement and selfishness.


Pillars of a Happy Life

Positive psychologist Dan J. Daley (PhD ’98) helps people answer the age-old question: how can I be happy?



In the battle over facts and fakes, insights and hot takes, how can you become a savvier consumer of information?

Targeting Tumors
BYU researchers, in tandem with a pharmaceutical company, developed a new cancer drug that's ready for human trials.

Family Focus

Nourish and Strengthen

Empowering children to improve their relationship with food and body image starts at home.


Speaking Their Language

Raised in Samoa and Utah, biology PhD student connects science and family to help Pacific Islanders with Alzheimer's.


Coping Cards

BYU clinical psychologist Jonathan C. Cox created a card game as a playful way to teach therapeutic concepts.

Austen Found
Three BYU grads turned their literary excavation of England into a love letter to Jane Austen.


Mixed Backgrounds

The plants, patterns, and poses in this art student's portrait series are based on interviews with people of mixed race.


Memory Preserves 

A BYU student takes inspiration from preserving apricot jam to create art that lasts.


Heritage Halls Murals

Heritage Halls murals at BYU tell the stories of early history of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.