$880,000 Donated to Cancer Research from BYU Basketball Slam Dunks
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Dunk on Cancer

BYU basketball player dunking
Photo of Gideon George (’22) by Nate Edwards.

How much is a dunk worth? Two points—and $31,659. Thanks to a partnership between the BYU men’s basketball team and the Simmons Center for Cancer Research, slam dunks during conference games raised $886,475 through donor pledges to fund BYU student cancer research. Coach Mark Pope and his wife, Lee Anne Archibald Pope (BA ’96), have lost family members to cancer and see hope in the Simmons Center, which is celebrating its 25th anniversary. “It’s been here long before the Popes, and it’ll be here long after,” says Lee Anne, “but for our little slice, we’re super grateful to be a part of it.”