Faith at BYU

A painting of the Savior Jesus Christ reaching ot
Bound Securely to the Savior
Your relationship with Him can anchor you in life’s storms.
An illustration of a Japanese woman in a river boat.


Loving Like Christ

In this devotional, an immigrant shares her journey to America and toward God.


Borrowing Light

The faith-filled words of others can provide a spark to ignite our own testimonies.


Thriving Spiritually

What does it mean to spiritually thrive? And how are you doing?


Flashes of Light

Steven J. Lund shares flashes of light, or moments of revelation from God, that he has experienced in life.

Religious Education
Faithful Works
Rachel Cannon Boss (’23) isn’t an art student, but she still has a painting hanging in a gallery.
A photo of the set of The Chosen tv series, filmed at the Jerusalem set in Goshen, Utah.


Jerusalem, Utah

Utah’s Jerusalem set takes center stage in The Chosen—the largest crowdfunded tv production of all time.

A photo of a Carl Bloch painting at the BYU Museum of Art


Whole Again

For 20 years, Carl Bloch's Christ Healing the Sick at the Pool of Bethesda has stood as the MOA's centerpiece.

Old journal laid open with written text visible on the pages



BYU alumni, faculty, and students are helping Wilford Woodruff’s records of the Restoration become available to all.

Artistic rendering of a family tree.


Linking Families 

Family history gets faster as economics professor Joseph P. Price (BA ’03) and a team of skilled students run the Record