Loving Like Christ
In this devotional, an immigrant shares her journey to America and toward God.


There Must Needs Be a Christ

What would the world be like without Christ? This devotional address explores why there “must needs be a Christ.”


Symbiotic Pathways to Truth

Choose faith until you better understand science—or until science can provide better explanations.


Thriving Spiritually

What does it mean to spiritually thrive? And how are you doing?


More Love, Less Contempt

If we are going to beat the problem of contempt, we’re going to need something more radical than civility. We need love.

Religious Education
See Also: Dig Into Church History
A Church history professor shares his recommendations for a deeper study of Doctrine and Covenants history.


Jerusalem, Utah

Utah’s Jerusalem set takes center stage in The Chosen—the largest crowdfunded tv production of all time.


Heritage Halls Murals | Part 2

Heritage Halls murals at BYU tell the stories of early history of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.


Seeking the Best Books

In addition to the scriptures, Terryl and Fiona Givens have read dozens of religious authors. Here’s their favorite 12.


The Marvelous Gift of Creation

In the restored gospel, there is no room for indifference toward nature, which is infused with spirituality.