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BYU Research

Lucy, Patty, and Violet scold Charlie Brown in a comic of Charles Schulz's Peanuts strip.
Insights from the Peanuts Gallery 
Humanities students donning white lab coats uncover patterns in Charles Schulz's Peanuts.
Professor Eric Eliason sits at a booth at Arctic Circle with a tray of fries, fry sauce, a pastrami burger, and a thick over-the-top milkshake.


Utah Food Lore

Eric Eliason breaks down Utah food traditions like fry sauce, scones, green jell-O, funeral potatoes, and more.


Speak Up on Social Media

Have you ever started to comment or post on social media, but self-censored for fear of offending?

A man looks confused as headlines fly around him.



In the battle over facts and fakes, insights and hot takes, how can you become a savvier consumer of information?

Two pink women's exercise training shoes
Make Room for Women
BYU researchers find another reason why it's a bad idea to exclude women from exercise research.
Three men in an engineering lab examine a medical boot by placing nodes on it.


Best Foot Forward

Two BYU students teamed up to design and test an upgraded medical boot.


Small Picture, Big Picture

A BYU professor pioneered new way to look at the building blocks of life.

A clouded leopard pads gingerly through the forest.


Cat Cousins

A faculty-undergraduate duo become the first to sequence the clouded leopard genome.

A man contemplates as he reads a book in nature.
See Also: Inspiring Stewardship
Three sources for building a sense of stewardship and appreciation for the earth, recommended by BYU professor.
A watercolor illustration of a red English country home.


Austen Found

Three BYU grads turned their literary excavation of England into a love letter to Jane Austen.

A quilt made from dried flowers is draped over a clear chair in an art gallery


Memory Preserves 

A BYU student takes inspiration from preserving apricot jam to create art that lasts.

An illustration of red, white, and blue hands reaching upward.


Faith, Hope, Charity, and Politics 

In a time of political divisiveness and despair, how can Latter-day Saints avoid the trap of cynicism?