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BYU Research

A group of volunteers, including students and a Black man in a wheel chair, pose for a photo in a food bank warehouse.
Getting Things Right
A BYU student documentary helps heal wounds from the past.
An illustration of two babies—one in a crib, the other in a high chair; both surrounded by letters spelling out baby names with features associated with Utah.


What’s in a Baby Neighm?

Just how unique are baby names in Utah?


Inspired in the Lab

Chad Pollard and Kelaney Stalker apply epigenetics to projects they are passionate about while working in a BYU lab.

A man looks confused as headlines fly around him.



In the battle over facts and fakes, insights and hot takes, how can you become a savvier consumer of information?

One of the 12 hexagonal displays in the installation containing 6 tubes to represent the beryllium refining process. The tubes contain bertrandite ore, AIS, extraction feed, solvent extraction, BE hydroxide, and purified beryllium.
From Utah to Infinity 
BYU's Eyring Science Center has a new permanent display that tells the story of the James Webb Space Telescope.
Three men in an engineering lab examine a medical boot by placing nodes on it.


Best Foot Forward

Two BYU students teamed up to design and test an upgraded medical boot.


Itty-Bitty Ballistics 

The world's smallest working nerf gun is the size of a fleck of pepper.


Not So Fast, Not So Furious 

BYU took first at the Shell Eco-Marathon with a vehicle that could drive from Provo to Atlanta on one gallon.

Movie Mozart
Ever seen Gone with the Wind or King Kong? BYU experts are transcribing composer Max Steiner's scores for public use.
A watercolor illustration of a red English country home.


Austen Found

Three BYU grads turned their literary excavation of England into a love letter to Jane Austen.


On the Moove

BYU students come up with innovative ways to package and market milk.

An illustration of red, white, and blue hands reaching upward.


Faith, Hope, Charity, and Politics 

In a time of political divisiveness and despair, how can Latter-day Saints avoid the trap of cynicism?