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Artistic rendering of a family tree.
Linking Families 
Family history gets faster as economics professor Joseph P. Price (BA ’03) and a team of skilled students run the Record
Professor Eric Eliason sits at a booth at Arctic Circle with a tray of fries, fry sauce, a pastrami burger, and a thick over-the-top milkshake.


Utah Food Lore

Eric Eliason breaks down Utah food traditions like fry sauce, scones, green jell-O, funeral potatoes, and more.


Pillars of a Happy Life

Positive psychologist Dan J. Daley (PhD ’98) helps people answer the age-old question: how can I be happy?

A man looks confused as headlines fly around him.



In the battle over facts and fakes, insights and hot takes, how can you become a savvier consumer of information?

A female professor with brown hair and light skin sits in her office, surrounded by books and computer screens, smiling at the camera
Food Insecurity at College
Food insecurity at college is more prevalent than in the general population, says BYU researcher Rickelle Richards.
A teenaged daughter is visibly vexed by their mother's attention to a smartphone. A young man looks down at the ground.


No Technoference, Please!

Parents’ unhealthy social-media habits may put their children at risk.


Small Picture, Big Picture

A BYU professor pioneered new way to look at the building blocks of life.


Bone-Rumbling Sound

The sound of the Artemis I launch, with its snaps and pops, was like “40 million bowls of crackling Rice Krispies."

A man contemplates as he reads a book in nature.
See Also: Inspiring Stewardship
Three sources for building a sense of stewardship and appreciation for the earth, recommended by BYU professor.
A watercolor illustration of a red English country home.


Austen Found

Three BYU grads turned their literary excavation of England into a love letter to Jane Austen.

A quilt made from dried flowers is draped over a clear chair in an art gallery


Memory Preserves 

A BYU student takes inspiration from preserving apricot jam to create art that lasts.

An illustration of red, white, and blue hands reaching upward.


Faith, Hope, Charity, and Politics 

In a time of political divisiveness and despair, how can Latter-day Saints avoid the trap of cynicism?