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A Thing of Beauty

A Thing of Beauty

A Thing of Beauty
Silk. Chocolate. The smallest artwork. We asked BYU community members across campus to describe one thing that is truly beautiful to them. Their answers couldn’t be more different. See beauty through the eyes of these beholders. Check back for a new video each month.
A photo of Arden Pope in nature 3:48 Clean, Clear Air Unpolluted air allows us to see nature C. Arden Pope III | Economics
Image of Maria Mendeleev 4:02 Mother of Invention A mother's love makes a science achievement possible Steven G. Wood | Chemistry
YouTube video wallpaper 7:39 Creating Music All art is a matter of organization Ray Smith | Music
A colorful view of outer space 0:00 Light from the Darkness Absorbing and shining God’s light outward Lita Little Giddins | Family, Home, and Social Science
A painter mixes paint with a paint knife. 4:21 The Art of Relationships Both light and dark hues are important Chelom Leavitt | Family Life
A green field in Spain. 5:57 Life as a Pilgrimage Viewing life as a sacred journey John Rosenberg | Spanish Literature
YouTube video wallpaper 4:44 The Honesty of Children Children show us how to draw closer to God Dorie Haws | Family Life
Portrait of BYU dance professor Adam Dyer 4:35 Muscle Movement for Life Movement's connection to God's glory Adam Dyer | Dance
Purple crocus flower buds coming through the snow. 4:10 The Crocus Flower The resilient bloom of growth after trauma Julie Valentine | Nursing
Bertel Thorvalsen's Christus sculpture 4:49 Christus Statue A symbolic invitation to Christ's love John W. Welch | Law
A statue of Massasoit Ousamequin 4:46 Reciprocity The true power of acting with kindness Jenny Hale Pulsipher | History
Chad Lewis pointing with both thumbs to a practice field behind him. 3:04 The Practice Field Persistence in the face of setbacks Chad Lewis | BYU Athletics
YouTube video wallpaper 4:03 Space Sands Space's secrets written in tiny particles Jani Radebaugh | Geology
BYU linguistics professor Chris Rogers. 3:52 Xinkan Language Connecting to history through language Chris Rogers | Linguistics
BYU Vocal Point director McKay Crockett in front a media control board. 7:16 Harmonic Overtones Harmony's power to create something more C. McKay Crockett | BYU Vocal Point
BYU Vocal Point director McKay Crockett in front a media control board. 4:22 Water A reminder of God's mercy and grace George Handley | Comparative Arts & Letters
BYU family and consumer sciences professor Dawna Baugh holds up a silkworm cocoon. 2:09 Silk A balance of beauty and strength Dawna Baugh | Family & Consumer Sciences
BYU executive pastry chef Fernanda Dutra smiles as she explains why chocolate is a thing of beauty. 1:55 Chocolate The intricacies of making this sweet treat Fernanda Dutra | BYU Dining Services
BYU Design professor Douglas B. Thomas discussing the font futura in a BYU design classroom. 1:46 The Futura Typeface A subtle conversation of social history Douglas B. Thomas | Design
A screenshot from our Micahel Dorff "Thing of Beauty" video on YouTube. The screenshot shows Dorff's outstretched arm holding a cube made of straws. He has dipped the straw cube in a solution of bubbles twice, creating a cube within a cube. 2:02 Soap Bubbles Soap, space-time, and mathematics Michael J. Dorff | Math Department
A photo of R. S. Thomas's poem Kneeling 2:15 Holy Saturday How waiting fosters hope and meaning Matthew F. Wickman | Humanities Center
YouTube video wallpaper 1:23 A Girl in School An educated woman's ability to lift society Renata Forste | International Studies
A photo of a nematode worm under the microscope 1:54 Antarctic Worm Tiny creatures surviving a harsh climate Byron J. Adams | Biology
A photo of a scorpion illuminated with purple light. Under the purple light, it glows in the dark. 1:53 Lighting Up Scorpions Learning to see the majesty in all creatures Jeffrey Macedone | Chemistry
An illustration of a sauropod 1:43 Sauropod Vertebrae The incredible artistry of brontosaur bones Brooks B. Britt | Geology
A maroon knit blanket 1:46 Hand Work A physical connection to ancestry Claudine Pinnell Bigelow | Music