Aidan Troutner: Cruising at Altitude
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Cruising at Altitude

Aidan Troutner stands on the track indoors with hands on hips, looking triumphantly at the camera.
Photo by Bradley Slade

“Relaxed and smooth” aren’t the words most think of while running at 4,553 feet of elevation in Utah. But that’s the mantra BYU junior Aidan G. Troutner (BS ’24) repeated to himself before crossing the finish line and claiming a new record at the Cougar Invitational in January for the Smith Fieldhouse and all of Utah: a sub-4-minute mile.

“I don’t think people thought it was possible to break 4 in the [Smith] Fieldhouse” with its tight turns and five laps to a mile, Troutner says. Teammate and now professional runner Kenneth Rooks (’24) paced Troutner for the first three laps, helping set up the record-breaking time.

“I think it was a chance to show that when we believe in each other and continue to push each other and work hard, then amazing, seemingly impossible things can happen,” Troutner says.

No. 7

The spot Troutner now occupies on BYU’s top-10 mile record board. Adjusted for elevation, it would be No. 1.


sub-4-minute indoor mile in Utah, a feat some doubted was even possible.


The historic mile time Troutner set in the Smith Fieldhouse during this year’s Cougar Invitational.