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A Feast for Brighams and Youngs

BYU’s flagship publication is getting a new look and vibe, while continuing to deliver BYU goodness.


Black at BYU

What's it like to be Black on an overwhelmingly White campus? Black members of the BYU community share their stories.


Transportation Transformation

Step-by-step, a quiet commuting revolution is taking place on campus and in Provo.


China Connections

BYU colleges, in just about every BYU discipline, are finding ways to connect with China.

A Bridge to China
Fall 2019
A bond forged 40 years ago was renewed this year by BYU’s largest-ever performing tour.
Sitting Down in the Honor Code Office
Summer 2019
The director of BYU’s Honor Code Office addresses common questions.
Tile Tales from Galilee
Spring 2019
It was a find that captured the attention of the archaeology world. BYU researchers dig in to what makes it so unique.
Framing History
Winter 2019
A BYU Museum of Art exhibit of Pulitzer-winning photography displays humanity at its best and worst.
3,186 Windows into Engineering
Winter 2019
With abundant glass—outside and within—BYU’s gleaming new Engineering Building brings innovation into the light.
Hands on Hearts
Fall 2018
A BYU program is sending doctors, sonographers, and students across the Pacific to help relieve a hidden sorrow.
BYU Pro(fessor) Tips
Summer 2018
Reap the benefits of the wide breadth of BYU research.
Now That’s a Wrap
Winter 2018
Arguably the coolest car on campus, Hawkes Poulter’s tricked-out Acura RSX is a canvas of all his childhood loves.
27 States in 14 Days
Fall 2017
While taking formal pictures of alumni across America, photographer Bradley Slade captured a portrait of America.
$4 Million to Play With
Summer 2017
In Cougar Capital, a class heralded by Forbes, BYU MBA students take investor dollars—and make a sixfold return
When the Light Goes Out
Spring 2017
In a time when young adults seek help for anxiety and depression like never before, BYU experts offer advice—and hope.
Uncovering a New Plan
Winter 2017
After an injury forced her to let go of music, Hannah Lambert found a new passion: digging into history, literally.
By Study, by Faith, and by Experience
Winter 2017
President Worthen has a new priority: inspiring learning. See student examples of what he means.
An Ode to the Y
Fall 2016
Here’s a primer on everything you never knew about BYU’s beloved symbol on high.
Exploring an Ancient Language
Summer 2016
For nearly three decades, BYU professor Janis Nuckolls has been unlocking the secrets of Quichua language and culture.
Welcome to the Rowdy, Rowdy ROC
Spring 2016
We spy a newcomer in blue in the student cheering section.
Of Beehives, Books, and Bricks
Winter 2016
The Provo Tabernacle has a new assignment.
The Amazing Race for the BYU Case
Fall 2015
A social media countdown to game day has fans hunting for swag-stuffed boxes across the nation.
In Pursuit of Holo-Fame
Fall 2015
David Smalley, the ultimate Trekkie and Skywalker fan, is going to make Leia holographic video a real thing.
$580K for a Bracelet?
Summer 2015
Voice of the Cougars
Winter 2015
After nearly two decades and more than 800 sporting events, BYU’s radio announcer is still perfecting his game.
Meet the Worthens
Summer 2014
With small-town roots and a passion for the mission of Brigham Young University, Kevin J Worthen takes the reins as the
A New President for BYU
Spring 2014
A favorite son of Carbon County and a longtime leader in the BYU community is the new president.
The Disruptor
Spring 2013
Despite severe health challenges, this alum has garnered national acclaim as a business and motivational guru.
The Wizards of Ha-Has
Spring 2012
With its enchanting blend of pop culture and campus life, BYU's Divine Comedy conjures laughs in Provo and Happy Valley.
100 Years on Temple Hill
Fall 2011
BYU’s “Upper Campus” has enveloped and developed a square mile of farmland into a premier center for light and learning.
Brothers In Law
Spring 2011
In the U.S. Senate and the Utah Supreme Court, Mike and Tom Lee carry on the legal legacy of their father, Rex Lee.
Fund the Underdog
Fall 2010
The First Year: Four Generations
Summer 2010
Changes at BYU are shown through the stories of students who've already come and gone.
We Need to Talk
Summer 2010
The authors of Crucial Conversations suggest ways to talk yourself into healthier relationships.
The First Year, Part Four: Turning a Page
Spring 2010
The fourth in a four-part series following several new BYU students turning the page on their first year.
The First Year, Part Two: Coming to Campus
Fall 2009
The second in a four-part series capturing the journey of several new Brigham Young University students.
The First Year: Great Expectations
Summer 2009
The first in a four-part series capturing the journey of four new students as they enter Brigham Young University.
How It All Came Crashing Down
Winter 2009
BYU economics professors explain how the US got into a recession and how we can learn from it.
Maya’s Market Economy
Spring 2008
In an ancient Maya city, the earth yields secrets of the past. 
Painting the Mormon Story
Winter 2008
Minerva Teichert found her greatest eloquence in the wall-sized paintings she created in her remote Wyoming home.
The Bronco Way
Winter 2007
The legendary football coach left his legacy on—and off—the field.
Sketchy Characters
Summer 2006
BYU Animation students are in the midst of a new film. They discuss production, directing, and more.
See the Cougars on the Mountain
Summer 2006
Building BYU
Spring 2006
These are the esteemed individuals and power couples who built BYU as we know it.
Entering to Learn
Spring 2005
BYU students enter to learn and go forth to serve every day. Thousands of students in many different areas.
“There Are Bongos in the RB!”
Spring 2005
A close look at a BYU day reveals a campus that is both familiar and surprising.
Supersizing BYU
Fall 2004
Investing in International Futures
Summer 2004
Dozens of international students have come to BYU, where they learn to build both faith and business.
Flying Solo
Winter 2004
Engineering "control freaks" learn how to let go and allow miniature planes to fly on their own.
Club Night Notes
Winter 2004
The Magnificent Mary Lou
Winter 2004
Six Bites of BYU
Fall 2003
Stadium Seating and Eating Changes
Fall 2003
Striving for Zion
Summer 2003
Making a Difference
Summer 2003
Disarming Word Wars
Spring 2003
A BYU business professor finds that business tension can often be diffused by improving communication behaviors.
The Cool Seat
Winter 2003
Reading-Day Rituals
Winter 2003
At the Top of Their Game
Fall 2002
Over the last 30-some years BYU has become a powerhouse in women’s sports.
Student Survival and Athletic Anecdotes
Spring 2002
A Sister to the World
Spring 2002
Relating Worlds
Winter 2002
A Miracle in Rexburg
Fall 2001
See You at Ward Prayer
Summer 2001
Proclaiming Family
Summer 2001
Rethinking the Great Divide
Summer 2001
The Final Cut’s Leading Man
Fall 1999
Making the Final Cut
Fall 1999
Enzyme Discovery Turns BYU Prof into Superaspirin Hero
Spring 1999
BYU Tests Seniors at World Games
Spring 1999
Student EMTs Lend Helping Hands
Fall 1998
Thoughts From the Sandbox
Fall 1998
Students Find Past Under Pavement
Winter 1998
More Room For Patients, Families, Students, and Books
Winter 1998
Heroes, Hearts, and History
Winter 1998
A BYU professor of English is working to ensure that the stories of aging WWII vets don't die with them.