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Club Night Notes

Aside from my involvement in the Big Brother/Big Sister program at BYU, I never joined a BYU club as a student. But I recently felt sorely tempted to amend my uninvolved ways when I learned of a club that melded two things dear to my heart—Scrabble and pizza. For dues of just $6 a semester, Scrabble and Pizza Club members gather every Tuesday night in the Wilk to create words and friendships while consuming pizza.

Similar gatherings take place all over campus each week for students with just about any niche interest. The BYU2TALL club caters to those who can’t help but look down on others; the Mission Prep. Club is for forward-looking freshmen and others preparing to serve. There are clubs about languages and cultures from all over the world, and there are clubs for activities ranging from table tennis to juggling to Frisbee to magic. We want to hear about your experiences with BYU clubs—from the practical to the zany. Send your stories (of up to 300 words) to First Person, BYU Magazine, 209 UPB, Provo, UT 84602 or

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First Person

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