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Andrew T. Bay


Reclaiming Days for Girls

Providing feminine hygiene kits and education, a nonprofit has lifted millions of girls and women out of the shadows.


The Steep Climb

First-generation college students forge a path at BYU.

Hillary Nielsen stands at the BYU podium in commencement robes, looking off camera and smiling.


Y Love

Hillary Hatt Nielsen (BS '97), BYU Alumni's new president, is committed to connecting alumni across the world to BYU.

Chet Harmer at his desk.


Launching Leaders 

Launching Leaders, an alumni-led program, trains leaders and changes lives worldwide.

Smashing Success
Winter 2023
Health is another driver of the Johnsons’ pickleball passion. “Pickleball saved my life,” and he means it.
Curiouser and Curiouser
Fall 2022
In his research and his teaching, a BYU grad and professor explores big questions in biology and faith.
From Cod to Korma
Summer 2022
Few things are as evocative—or as imbued with meaning—as food.
Carry On
Spring 2022
In a life full of struggle and beauty, alum Jepson has seen the fruits of perseverance and is helping to pay it forward.
The Power of Native Arts
Spring 2022
Indigenous art forms are being taught in Utah schools to help represent Native Americans and make students feel valued.
Holy Land, Sacred Memories
Fall 2021
A new alumni chapter for the BYU Jerusalem Center seeks to capture memories and stories from alumni who studied there.
Flying Under the Lucky Star
Fall 2021
A family of balloonists are bound together by their high-flying pursuit. Meet the Cannon family.
Paving a Path for Premeds
Summer 2021
BYU grads help expand opportunities by getting premed students into medical research labs after graduation.
Austen Found
Spring 2021
Three BYU grads turned their literary excavation of England into a love letter to Jane Austen.
Spring 2021
Trisha Weekes is at home in her workshop, where she creates, repairs, and preserves books.
Underwater Computing
Spring 2021
For two years computer engineer Spencer Fowers tested a data center in an unlikely place—the Scottish seafloor.
Putting Down STEM Roots in Ghana
Spring 2021
Robotics kits donated to the Bountiful STEM Foundation in Ghana become powerful vehicles for education.
Owed to the Fallen
Winter 2021
This grad’s goal is to tell the stories of 400,000-plus fallen servicemen and women.
Alumni on Location: Building Zion in India
Fall 2020
BYU Management Society India Chapter President Kiran Kota organized dozens of seminars to help lower poverty.
Mothers (and Fathers) of Invention
Summer 2020
Most BYU alumni have had to innovate and adapt during the COVID-19 pandemic.
Alumni Arts: The Spirit of the Land
Summer 2020
Artist Michael R. Workman, influenced by tonalist painter George Inness, paints the spiritual qualities of rural Utah.
Maximize the Music
Spring 2020
We tend to hole up in musical niches but expanding our listening diet can mold our imagination and connection to others.
The Tap
Winter 2020
Women—more than men—sometimes need a nudge to explore their possibilities, and usually multiple times.
Tennessee Tailgate: Splash of Blue in a Sea of Orange
Winter 2020
More than 5,000 BYU fans came to a Tennessee football game to support the team and provide service in Knoxville.
Irrepressible: Fuerza Femenina
Winter 2020
This BYU Honored Alumni Award recipient, former athlete, and communications star has been chasing dreams her whole life.
Steppe-ing Up in Mongolia
Fall 2019
More than 200 people attended the BYU Management Society's two-day entrepreneurship conference.
Astride the Great Divide
Fall 2019
Two BYU Alumni use their science education to encourage wildlife preservation in the wilds of Glacier National Park.
Is This Where I Belong?
Summer 2019
A BYU alumna shares tips on how to make where you live home and how to better unify your community.
The Surprising Gift of a Saver, Surgeon, and Centenarian
Spring 2019
LaVar Jones turned 100 years of work and study into real help for students.
Facing Ranger Dangers
Spring 2019
Only fifteen women have passed Ranger School. Here's how Anna Hodge beat the odds.
Above the Flood
Winter 2019
Once a flood victim herself, BYU student Anelle Concepción now uses her studies to protect communities from floods.
Alumni on Location: Camp College
Fall 2018
The BYU Alumni Anchorage, Alaska, chapter offers a free ACT/College Prep Camp to disadvantaged teens.
Naturally Curious
Fall 2018
She loves salamanders; he loves rats. Together, they research the endless biodiversity of the Amazon.
True Blue, Through and Through
Summer 2018
Catch the vision of Jonathan Hafen, the new president of the BYU Alumni Association.
Build It Like Beckham
Summer 2018
The 2018 Homecoming honored founder is none other than the late Ray Beckham, BYU’s champion if there ever was one.
A Run for Ryan
Summer 2018
The BYU Alumni Southern Oregon Chapter remembered a former student-athlete with the Ryan Folsom Memorial Run.
This Is It
Summer 2018
Milking cows while listening to MoTab and randomly selecting a BYU college catalog both led Joe Johnston to attend BYU.
A Thousand Paper Cuts
Summer 2018
An alumna’s imaginative scherenschnitte, or paper-cut creations, earned her a seat at Comic-Con.
A Heart of Flesh
Summer 2018
Raised amid violence and fear, a Palestinian woman discovers that her most threatening enemy is hatred.
Like Father, Like Daughters
Spring 2018
Ed Zendejas shared his love of law with his children, two of whom followed him all the way to the bench.
Piecing Together a Life
Fall 2017
It wasn’t until he asked about the war that Ron White truly came to understand his stepfather.
Islamic Renaissance Man
Summer 2017
An alum’s study of ancient Islamic science has him questioning the “West is best” mentality.
Learning to Fly (Fish)
Summer 2017
There are fish, sure—but that is certainly not the best catch on these construction-management outings.
Father Edwards
Summer 2017
See how BYU is planning to honor the great LaVell Edwards.
A Merciful Judge
Spring 2017
After seeing the same offenders in court for the 10th time, an alum decided to shake up the court.
100 Days of Rejection
Spring 2017
Life gives everyone lemons. But who goes around looking for more? This TEDx-speaking alum.
Red, White, and BYU
Winter 2017
Meet six of the 6,000 BYU alumni and students who currently call the Washington, D.C., metro area home.
Opportunity Cost—But Not Lost
Winter 2017
A pay-it-forward grant has caught on at BYU—and changed Ginny Naylor’s life.
Standing Tall
Fall 2016
Becky Reeve, left quadriplegic after a car accident, learned to “walk by faith”—and to walk again on her own.
Called to Surf
Fall 2016
This wise family builds its bonds upon the sand.
From Scared Student to Alumni President
Fall 2016
If it’s a good thing and is going to help you grow and learn and expand your horizons, you should do it.
A Piano Teacher with 40,000 Students
Summer 2016
Joseph Hoffman and his wife, Kelly, began a piano academy that now reaches thousands of students around the world.
Courage Amid Affliction
Summer 2016
Susa Young Gates (fifth from left) was a steady servant for women, the Church, and BYU.
Honesty Is Still the Best Policy
Spring 2016
Elaine Englehardt's contributions in ethics have "blossomed into a national phenomenon."
Back in Business: Retiring from Retirement
Spring 2016
Two business owners couldn’t take the enterprise out of their golden years—and turned their retirement on its head.