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Michael D. Smart


How to Beat Free

BYU authors research and give advice on possible responses to business competition.

Joran Booth


Building a Better Brick

BYU students used their love of Legos to design inexpensive housing for Kenyans living in huts made from mud and sticks.

Jeff Dyer


5 Skills For Finding Big Ideas

Top CEOs spend 50 percent more time doing these five things than their less creative counterparts.

Valerie Hudson


BYU Prof Among Top 100 Global Thinkers

A BYU scholar is among Foreign Policy magazine’s “Top 100 Global Thinkers."

Third BYU Student in Four Years Wins Prestigious Gates Scholarship
Spring 2008
How Tara Westover went from a rural Idaho town to BYU, Cambridge, and back again.
Designed for Success
Spring 2008
Spencer Nugent won the most prestigious award given to industrial design students.
Clearing the Air
Spring 2007
We can all breathe a little easier thanks to two decades of research by BYU’s Arden Pope.
Stars Shine at New BYU Planetarium
Summer 2005
The planetarium’s projector can show the positions of stars and planets as seen from any earthly location.
Assembling the “Tree of Life”
Winter 2005
BYU Professor endorses tapping vast computing power to fill in missing branches of the tree before species go extinct.
On The Trail of Lewis and Clark
Fall 2004
A BYU researcher and writer explores the post-expedition lives of Corps of Discovery members.
National Spotlight Shines on Achieving Senior
Spring 2004
A BYU philosophy student is chosen from 600 nominees for USA Today's 2004 All-USA Academic First Team.
New Clues to an Ancient Puzzle
Spring 2004
The newly analyzed mask adds another 25 signs to the Isthmian "alphabet."
Particulate Matters
Winter 2004
Tiny particles of pollutants significantly increase the risk of dying from cardiovascular disease in the US.
Scaly Reptile Genealogy
Winter 2004
Sites and his students collaborate with scientists to trace the genetic histories of 150 species of scaly creatures.
Cracking the Pain Code
Fall 2003
BYU chemist Dan Simmons has unlocked a secret of painkillers.
Study Shows Value of Premarital Education Programs
Summer 2003
Premarital education is a good investment for couples who are serious about preparing for a lifelong marriage.
Why Walk When You Can Fly?
Spring 2003
A new BYU study found the first time an organism has been shown to re-evolve a complex trait.
Icebergs Collide with Satellites and Supercomputers
Spring 2003
Using BYU‘s supercomputers, Long studies iceburgs.
Removing Trade Barriers Could Boost U.S. Economy
Spring 2003
A new study by a BYU economist found that removing trade barriers in 4 key nations would improve the US economy.
In Sickness and Health
Winter 2003
It turns out that the health of your spouse is as strong a predictor for your own health.
Enzyme Discovery May Unravel Painkiller Mystery
Winter 2003
A study by Daniel Simmons may have uncovered the enzyme the drug affects.
Jack Sites’ Creepy Friends
Winter 2003
Sometimes scored for the company he keeps, Jack Sites has warmed others' interest in cold-blooded creatures.
David Johnson and the Temple of the Winged Lions
Fall 2001
Rediscovered by the outside world in 1812, much of Petra's history is only now being uncovered by BYU's David Johnson.
Stamping Out Smoking
Summer 2001
Parents can make a difference in helping their children avoid smoking. Here's how...
Seeing Through the Smoke
Summer 2001
Guess which school’s students are at the highest risk of smoking?
U.S. Supreme Court Upholds Laws Based on BYU Research
Summer 2001
The US Supreme Court upholds air quality standards based on two studies by a Brigham Young University professor.
Bright Prospects
Spring 2001
Bergeson and Peatross use lasers to achieve unique effects on the atomic level.
Tracking the Far-Flung Flea Family
Spring 2001
BYU entomologist Michael Whiting netted a prestigious research award.
BYU Donates Records to Polish Archives
Spring 2001
The papers, some of which date back to the 16th century, were scattered during World War II.
Researcher Unravels How Insects Lost Their Abdominal Legs
Fall 2000
Bennett has been able to turn back the evolutionary clock to a time when beetles’ ancestors had many legs.
Terra Infirma
Fall 2000
Two professors’ earth-shaking research has a global impact.
Discovery of Exercise Enzyme May Improve Diabetes Treatment
Spring 2000
BYU's William W. Winder has identified the key enzyme involved in triggering glucose absorption.
BYU Professor Fishes for Ideal River Habitat
Winter 1999
BYU professor leads on the effort to restore the Provo River.
Singers Harmonize in Carnegie Hall, Across Cultures
Fall 1999
The 42-member choir is BYU's elite choral group spreading the joy of music all over the world.
Lizard-Hunting Prof Scores National Award
Spring 1999
Sites’ revolutionary research on species divergence has brought him international acclaim.
Mother’s Age Contributes to Child’s Success
Summer 1998
The impact of maternal age at birth is the first of many areas that researchers will explore.
School of Family Inaugurated
Winter 1998
Replacing the Family Science Department, the School of Family Life will be home to BYU's 37 family science scholars.