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Andrea Ludlow Christensen

An illustration of a flying car


Lean Back Into the Future

In the biggest revolution in transit since the Model T, BYU experts are working to make backseat drivers of us all.

two men stand together and smile in suits


I Can Help

An Idaho farm boy, who speaks Arabic and worked with refugees on his mission, was in the right place at the right time.

man climbing the stairs


By Study, by Faith, and by Experience

President Worthen has a new priority: inspiring learning. See student examples of what he means.

A painting of people lifting Christ off the cross.


From Death and Despair to More Life

In Descent from the Cross, Brian Kershisnik wanted to “paint the darkest point.”

Feeling the Magic
Fall 2016
Run by BYU student volunteers, Camp Kesem is a summer camp for children whose parents have suffered from cancer.
The Big Q: Cheap Gas
Spring 2016
BYU Magazine asks members of the community if cheap gas helps or hurts the economy.
Crossing the Finish
Spring 2016
The Rex Lee Run was different—in the best of ways—this year for Sarah Kay Brimhall Miller.
Between Heaven and Earth
Winter 2016
Dirt under her fingernails, stars in her eyes, planetary geologist Jani Radebaugh uses Earth’s edges to understand Io.
Discovering Joan of Arc
Fall 2015
This BYUtv docudrama tells a captivating story of an influential teenage girl.
Student Becomes the Professor
Fall 2015
When her professor passed away, a TA refused to let the course fail.
The BYU Club Scene
Winter 2015
Every Tuesday at BYU, more than 200 clubs gather to celebrate a gamut of interests, from hip-hop to vegetarianism.
Fostering Hope
Summer 2015
Motivated by his own tumultuous childhood, a new law grad plans to advocate for those in need.
Living the Play-Full Life
Fall 2014
BYU researchers explain how a helping of hard, fun, and awesome can strengthen your kids and nourish your family.
A Gift for Marius
Spring 2009
While working in a Romanian hospital, BYU interns see a need and change a life.
Improving World Improvement
Winter 2006
A BYU research team studies NGOs and why they often fail.
A Grand Accomplishment
Fall 2005
A BYU piano student finds the keys to success in hard work and balancing life's demands.
Back in the Brimhall
Fall 2005
The George H. Brimhall Building, which has recently undergone a number of upgrades.
Wilderness Explorations
Winter 2005
At Camp WILD a team of students and professors helped at-risk boys discover their potential through challenging outdoor
Eyes on Beijing
Winter 2005
Justin S. Wilcock's goal is the Olympics.
Governing with Grace
Winter 2005
Utah's first female governor has won supporters with her charm and has moved mountains with her abundant energy.
Pearl Provider
Fall 2004
An alumna entrepreneur uses her pearl jewelry business to provide help for Filipinos in need.
The Tom and Louise Show
Fall 2004
Tom and Louise Plummer enlighten others through their teaching and writing and through their relationship.
Extending Hands of Healing
Fall 2004
Professor Catherine Coverston and nursing students to volunteer in understaffed, undersupplied, international hospitals.
New Water Feature Near Carillon Tower
Fall 2004
BYU is beautifying its campus.
A Special Educator
Fall 2004
A teacher from Taiwan learns some of the challenges and rewards of working with special-education students.
An A+ In Sportsmanship
Fall 2004
A new campaign encourages BYU athletes and fans alike to aim for excellence in sportsmanship.
Leading Man
Summer 2004
A former Broadway performer now on his way to the Harvard dental school strives to live without limits.
Economics of Education
Summer 2004
Using his economics training, a BYU professor evaluates the effectiveness of school interventions.
Volunteer Team Cheers Women Athletes
Spring 2004
The Twelfth Team is a group of volunteers who’s goal is to increase visibility for BYU’s women athletics.
Dynamite Movie Bursts into Film Scene
Spring 2004
An awkward teenager from Preston, Idaho, is making a splash in the film world.
Faith in the Wake of Columbine
Spring 2004
BYU student Liz Carlston shares the lessons of healing that followed the tragic shootings five years ago in Littleton.
Supplying a Smile
Spring 2004
MBA candidate John Higginson faces life's challenges with a focused but cheerful determination.