Student Races to Support Wife with Cancer in Rex Lee Run
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Out of the Blue

Crossing the Finish

Photo by Bradley H. Slade (BFA '94)

Sarah Kay Brimhall Miller (’17) and Derek G. Miller (’17) have a lot to celebrate. For starters, her hair is longer than his again. “I mean, look at this hair,” he says, laughing. “It’s great.”

At last year’s Rex Lee Run, a bald, 83-pound Sarah Kay bundled up to cheer on Derek and other family and friends participating. They were running for her—then a 23-year-old newlywed, recently diagnosed with Hodgkin’s lymphoma, in the middle of chemotherapy. She felt “a cool sense of community,” but, down 40 pounds, she mostly remembers being unbearably cold.

At this year’s event, 10 months removed from chemo, Sarah Kay joined Derek and 1,500 other participants walking or running to raise money for cancer research at BYU. She was warmer this year, and, she says, “it felt so good to be the one walking and not watching. It was a celebration that I’ve recovered enough to be able to do this and a celebration that we made it through something hard together.”

Watch Derek tell their story: