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Amanda K. Fronk

An illustration of different kinds of foods in a race.


The Diet of Champions?

Most diets don't work for long-term weight loss and health. BYU experts offer up three different frameworks to consider.

A mural from BYU's Heritage Halls of an trade taking place between Latter-day Saint pioneers and the Lakota tribe in Wyoming.


Heritage Walls

Created with input from a Native American advisor, a BYU mural displays an interaction between pioneers and the Lakota.

Two BYU students wearing mask walking outside.


19 Committees for COVID-19

With the world going remote, BYU made lightning-speed decisions to update campus for fall 2020 semester.

Trevor T. Lemmons (BS ’14, MBA ’20) wore a full-body giraffe costume every Halloween during his MBA program. He donned the long neck again at the annual MBA banquet. It’s most recent appearance? An MBA class conducted over Zoom after BYU classes went remote due to COVID-19—this time with a Serengeti digital background to complete the look. The giraffe was just the start. Encouraged by the reaction from peers and professors, Lemmons took on more than a dozen Zoom roles during winter semester: a cow, a snorkeler, a Ninja Turtle. “I definitely spiraled,” he says. Over time the costumes became more complex as he dressed up as Joe Exotic of Tiger King fame and as Nintendo’s Mario with the help of some mascara to cover his ginger ’stache. Eventually he jerry-rigged a green screen to really make the Zoom backgrounds pop. From there, all he needed was a green T-shirt and some melted chocolate smeared on his face to create his “pièce de résistance”: Wilson the volleyball from Cast Away. It wasn’t just attention-seeking. “Everyone hated Zoom class,” says Lemmons. “[This] was just my effort to try and brighten people’s days.” But the costumes “came back to bite me,” says Lemmons. In April MBA students voted that Lemmons take on a Steve Jobs Zoom personality and speak at their virtual graduation. Dressed as the Apple exec in black turtleneck, Lemmons, who ironically starts a job at Microsoft in July, gave the speech.


King of Zoom

When school went remote, Trevor Lemmons made the most of it by dressing up each day in a different costume on Zoom.

An Insider Guide to Five BYU Labs
Spring 2020
BYU’s got manikins that get sick, a lab that’s rethinking nuclear energy, and mini-cars with minds of their own.
Phone Smarts
Winter 2020
Want to be a better device user? BYU experts say to focus more on how you use it and less on how much.
Frozen, and Then Some
Fall 2014
A BYU student uses physics and lasers to study the inner workings of stars at a temperature just above absolute zero.
Killer Season
Winter 2019
In a near-perfect season, the BYU women’s volleyball team ranked No. 1 in the nation for 11 weeks.
Inside Micropolis
Fall 2018
With trillions of inhabitants, your gut microbiome affects your health in more ways than scientists ever imagined.
All-American Mom
Fall 2018
All-American XC runner Erica Birk-Jarvis returns after a yearlong hiatus with record-breaking times and . . . baby Jack.
BYU and the Great War
Fall 2018
During World War I, BYU students went forth to serve their country—both at home and abroad.
An Experiment upon the Word
Spring 2018
An advertising team finds that the best tool for changing perceptions about the Book of Mormon is the Book of Mormon.
Class Notes from AD 370
Spring 2018
From an ancient Christian philosopher to long-lost papyri scrolls, this lost interpretation of Psalms is noteworthy.
Big Lang at BYU
Summer 2017
Disney, Netflix, and Chief Justice John Roberts are paying attention to the work of one word-mining professor.
Giving Voice to Victims
Fall 2014
Her work to prosecute rape has made national headlines. Now she's on BYU's council to assess sexual-assault reporting.
I Spy with My Little Eye . . .
Fall 2015
Greg Olsen’s “I-Spy” painting is on permanent display in the Gordon B. Hinckley Center.
Making Alcohol to Curb an Oil Addiction
Summer 2014
This team discovered a new way to chemically convert raw natural gas into liquid alcohol.
Planting a Seed
Summer 2014
With artistic talent and timely donor support, a BYU student shares the gift of learning.
Provo’s National Parks
Winter 2014
Folk band The National Parks, made up of BYU students, is rocking the iTunes charts.
Chef’s Specials
Fall 2013
A nationally renowned chef is responsible for BYU's delectable dishes—and he's sharing some favorite fall combinations.
Number Games
Fall 2013
With a little statistical modeling, BYU professor C. Shane Reese can answer all the important questions.
Origami in Space
Spring 2013
Mechanical engineering PhD student Shannon A. Zirbel is shaking things up with NASA.
Spicing Up History
Winter 2013
In Eric Dursteler's Food and History class, students taste their way through the ages.
Roll Out the Blue Carpet
Summer 2012
Three standout flicks provide a window into the BYU film program’s success in fiction.
Patterns of Faith
Summer 2012
A Museum of Art exhibit offers a journey of learning—and unlearning—about Islam.
Toy Story
Summer 2012
This stacking toy became a success.
Portraits of Influence
Spring 2012
A Museum of Art exhibit examines the art of the Weir family, which expanded the traditions of American art.
Bragging Rights
Spring 2012
It's a great day to be a Cougar, especially when you know what to brag about.
PE’s A-Changin’
Spring 2012
BYU’s restructured PE–teaching program is gaining traction.
Classroom Detection
Spring 2012
A brush with cancer gives a nursing student one more reason not to skip class.
From Mykonos to Appalachia
Winter 2012
Editing students in landlocked Utah take readers around the world.
Decibel Dabbler
Fall 2011
The research of acoustics assistant professor Kent L. Gee and his students spans the spectrum of sound.
Poole Joins the Greats
Fall 2011
After decades of coaching Cougars, R. Craig Poole is now head coach at the U.S. Olympic Training Center.
Never Content with the Unelaborated Thing
Summer 2011
Award-winning poet and BYU English professor reveals how she finds poetic inspiration and shares 8 of her creations.
Art Beat: Heavy Reading
Summer 2011
It's art made of more than 100,000 books...
Putting the Record On
Spring 2011
Jillian Camarena-Williams (’11) broke the American record for the women’s indoor shot put.
A Wee Bonnie Nicht at BYU
Spring 2011
The annual celebration of the Ploughman Poet included Eric Gilzean, former president of the Utah Scottish Association.
Physical (Comedy) Science 100
Spring 2011
BYU has its very own Bill Nye in the science classroom.
Good Things Come to Those Who Wait
Spring 2011
When it comes to relationship development it turns out waiting wins.