When COVID-19 Took Classes to Zoom, This Student Dressed Up
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King of Zoom

A laptop in an empty conference room with a Zoom screen showing BYU MBA student Trevor Lemmons dressed up as Wilson the volleyball from the movie Cast Away, with a Zoom background showing Tom Hanks's character beside him.
When school went remote, Trevor Lemmons made the most of it by dressing up each day in a different costume, including as Wilson the volleyball of Cast Away fame.

Trevor T. Lemmons (BS ’14, MBA ’20) wore a full-body giraffe costume every Halloween during his MBA program. He donned the long neck again at the annual MBA banquet. Its most recent appearance? An MBA class conducted over Zoom after BYU classes went remote due to COVID-19—this time with a Serengeti digital background to complete the look.

The giraffe was just the start. Encouraged by the reaction from peers and professors, Lemmons took on more than a dozen Zoom roles during winter semester: a cow, a snorkeler, a Ninja Turtle. “I definitely spiraled,” he says.

Over time the costumes became more complex as he dressed up as Nintendo’s Mario with the help of some mascara to cover his ginger ’stache and a friend to play Luigi. Eventually he jerry-rigged a green screen to really make the Zoom backgrounds pop. From there, all he needed was some melted chocolate smeared on his face to create his “pièce de résistance”: Wilson the volleyball from Cast Away.

It wasn’t just attention-seeking. “Everyone hated Zoom class,” says Lemmons. “[This] was just my effort to try and brighten people’s days.”

But the costumes “came back to bite me,” says Lemmons. In April MBA students voted that Lemmons take on a Steve Jobs Zoom personality and speak at their virtual graduation. Dressed as the Apple exec in black turtleneck, Lemmons, who ironically starts a job at Microsoft in July, gave the speech.

Trevor Lemmons wearing a giraffe costume on Zoom with a Serengeti background.
1 of 11: Trevor Lemmons’s costumes for his MBA Zoom classes included a giraffe, a newsie, and many more.
Trevor Lemmons dressed as a cow on a Zoom call.
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Trevor Lemmons dressed as a snorkeler on a Zoom call.
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Trevor Lemmons dressed as a Ninja Turtle on a Zoom call.
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Trevor Lemmons dressed as a Mario on a Zoom call, with a friend dressed as Luigi.
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Trevor Lemmons dressed as a newsie on a Zoom call.
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Trevor Lemmons dressed as a Roman in a toga on a Zoom call.
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Trevor Lemmons dressed as a Prince on a Zoom call with a picture of Meghan Markle behind him.
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Trevor Lemmons dressed as a farmer on a Zoom call.
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A behind-the-scenes shot of Trevor Lemmons in a green shirt and with a green screen to be Wilson the volleyball on a Zoom call.
10 of 11: Using a green screen and some melted chocolate, Lemmons pulled off being Wilson the volleyball from Cast Away.
Trevor Lemmons dressed as Steve Jobs at the 2020 MBA graduation.
11 of 11: At the 2020 BYU MBA Zoom graduation, Lemmons dressed as Apple cofounder Steve Jobs.