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Brittany Karford Rogers


He Shall Overcome

Not homelessness, not gangs, not childhood trauma—nothing could hold back new BYU Law student Paris Thomas.


Mark Rober’s 5 Toughest Feats of Engineering

YouTube Mark Rober only makes it look easy. Here’s the five feats that gave him the biggest fits.


Meet Mr. Curiosity

With the mind of an engineer and the humor of a 12-year-old, an alum is making the internet better, one prank at a time.


Delivery, Service

BYU student finds healing in serving the elderly and at-risk by delivering groceries to their doors.

A Political Hole
Spring 2020
BYU research explains the gender gap in politics—and how to close it.
When Women Don’t Speak
Spring 2020
Groundbreaking BYU research shows what it takes for a woman to truly be heard.
We’re No. 1*
Spring 2020
The coronavirus canceled the NCAA championship—but BYU basically clinched the title.
Soccer’s Best Season
Winter 2020
The BYU Cougars lost only one game all season: their elite-eight match.
How Far She’ll Go
Summer 2019
With the stars as her guide and math as her compass, a BYU alumna sails the world’s oceans to empower and educate.
Mario, Luigi, and Shannon
Spring 2019
BYU’s top gymnast puts New Super Mario Bros in her floor routine and charms the internet.
Winter 2019
Don’t endure. The Marriott School expert on living intentionally wants you to make a 100 list and thrive.
Make Your 100 List
Winter 2019
The Marriott School expert on living intentionally wants you to make a 100 list. Here are the rules.
Crawling Down Everest
Winter 2019
They set out to make history on Everest. His life was saved by another’s sacrifice.
Finding God on Denali
Winter 2019
His client was trapped in a crevasse. For Stacy Taniguchi, it would be the ultimate test of faith.
Partying Like It’s 2011
Summer 2018
Three BYU greats found their way back to the same court for a whirlwind TBT final-four run.
Project Pong
Spring 2018
It’s a BYU industrial design tradition: every sophomore gets a stab at creating a brand new paddle with a purpose.
Since Napoleon
Spring 2018
Napoleon Dynamite launched the careers of the key BYU students and alumni involved.
A Tot-Tastic Cover
Spring 2018
How many pounds of tater-tots does it take to make a BYU Magazine cover?
It’s Still Dynamite
Spring 2018
How a bunch of BYU undergrads made themselves a dang cult classic.
Treats—and Tricks—from Around the World
Fall 2017
Check out these frights and delights for the tastebuds from a Halloween BYU event with international flair.
What’s Killing Journalism?
Summer 2017
The Fourth Estate is in shambles. Experts from Atlantic, Fox News, CNN and more talk how—and who—can save it.
Devotion in the Details
Spring 2017
A work once lost to the art world is now among the most prized holdings at the BYU Museum of Art.
Dishing Shakespeare’s Dirt
Winter 2017
Who knew Shakespeare's rubbish pit could fund a renovation project? Intern Katherine Bowman did.
By Study, by Faith, and by Experience
Winter 2017
President Worthen has a new priority: inspiring learning. See student examples of what he means.
3-D Printing 3-D Printers
Winter 2017
Two mechanical engineering students have made a self-replicating machine. Make that machines.
Fearsome Forwards
Winter 2017
One team, three conference players of the year, and the no. 3 scoring offense in the country.
Knitting Smiles
Winter 2017
With her own brand of bippity-boppity-boo, Holly Christensen is making kids battling cancer smile again.
Growing Up with Charlie Brown and Snoopy
Winter 2016
Peanuts characters pop up all over her home and, now that she’s back at BYU, in her assignments.
A Flight to Remember
Fall 2015
BYU’s College of Nursing adopted the national Honor flight program to better train students in veteran care.
Unleash the Drones
Fall 2015
BYU is among the frontrunners in Unmanned Air Vehicle research and is paving the way for a future with autonomous drones
A Place to Call Home
Summer 2007
While the façade may be stunning, the Hinckley is a true workhorse, serving as a home for alumni.
Taking Five in the Face for BYUtv
Winter 2015
BYUtv Studio C’s Scott Sterling—“the man, the myth, the legend”—overtakes YouTube.
Making Guests at Home
Winter 2015
Provo’s New Groove
Spring 2015
With a new temple, a vibrant music scene, and a burgeoning business environment, BYU’s hometown is on a roll.
One Last Whoosh for the Samuelsons
Summer 2014
President and Sister Samuelson leave a legacy of excellence, humor, and love for BYU.
Proceed With Caution
Spring 2014
Stop? Go? Turn? How would you navigate these five ethical dilemmas?
The BYU Tuk Tuk
Spring 2014
Tuk tuks—motorcycle-drawn carriages—are ubiquitous here, but Seyha’s stands out.
A Geography of Faith
Summer 2013
The award-winning Mapping Mormonism will teach you something new about Church history—past and present. 
Forty Years On
Winter 2013
In 42 years since W. Mitt Romney (BA ’71) graduated in English from BYU, his journey has seen mountains and valleys.
Soccer’s Year
Winter 2013
The hottest ticket in Provo in 2012 was to BYU women’s soccer hosting their own elite eight match.
The Loves of Wilfried Eyi
Summer 2012
A chemist turns to finance, hoping to benefit his homeland.
Of Crown and Country
Spring 2012
Restoring Hungary’s royal relic helped lead Robert King to North Korea.
Another Trophy for the Mantel
Winter 2012
After running to a fourth-place podium finish, the Cougars raise the BYU flag at the NCAA Championships
A Diplomatic Life
Winter 2012
Going foreign to serve, BYU alumni represent the United States on the sidelines of history.
Engineering a Good Story
Spring 2011
Electrical engineering professor Aaron Hawkins' first chapter book is a slice out of his childhood.
The Go, Go Guy
Winter 2011
Employment Especialistas
Summer 2010
BYU interns lend a hand in Church Employment Resource Centers 
in Peru and around the world.
Presidential Picture Book
Winter 2010
BYU professor illustrated a picture book about President Barack Obama and his journey to the White House.
See the Good in the World with BYUTV
Winter 2010
BYU Television is getting a facelift, with a new slogan and a slew of new programs.
Sniffing out Skunks
Winter 2010
BYU professor helps the World Bank catch the bad guys and prevent fraud with his fraud-detection system.
Sou da Bahia
Fall 2009
The First Year: Great Expectations
Summer 2009
The first in a four-part series capturing the journey of four new students as they enter Brigham Young University.
Summer 2009
BYU’s Capstone engineering program has solved puzzling problems including speeding up airplane production.
Paving the Way for Better Broadcasts
Summer 2009
Artistic Agronomist
Spring 2009
Nutrition You Can See
Winter 2009
New BYU-Cornell research shows that a diet rich in antioxidants can prevent age-related macular degeneration (AMD).
New BYU Route for Military Chaplains
Winter 2009
BYU has a new master's in religious education for military chaplains. Here's how that changes things.
Illuminating the Book of Mormon
Fall 2008
Johannes Gutenberg adorned his Bible with flourishes. A BYU alum has done the same to the Book of Mormon—and won big.
Seeing the Music
Fall 2008
Math Boot Camp
Fall 2008
Where in the World Are BYU Students?
Fall 2008
Get a picture of the BYU summer experience through more than 100 student postcards.
Golden Spike
Fall 2008
When the red, white, and blue won gold on Beijing’s volleyball court, the team sported plenty of Cougar blue.
Undergrad Published as Sole Author
Fall 2008
Brett T. Alldredge (BS '08) produced a top-tier journal article as an undergrad.
The Open Road
Summer 2008
Lab in a Suitcase
Summer 2008
One Step to a Healthier Heart: A Happy Marriage
Summer 2008
New research shows that a marriage relationship, more than any other, will impact blood pressure—for better or worse.
To the Ends of the Earth
Spring 2008
Now in nearly 200 countries and territories, BYU Television is attracting BYU fans the world over. 
Diagnosing Cancer–Earlier
Spring 2008
A BYU professor can detect cancer with a thumbnail-sized piece of plastic.
Giving Time
Spring 2008
Mentors come to BYU PLC meetings, during which they take time to meet with their student mentees.
A Historic Collection
Fall 2007
This alumni has 250,000 artifacts related to Mexican Church history.
Form and Performance
Fall 2007
From audition to execution, BYU musical performing groups abound in talent. 
The Encyclopedia of Musical Alumni (Abridged, Incomplete, and Growing at an Enormous Rate)
Fall 2007
isted here are some of the famous and rising musicians you never knew bled blue.
Battle of the Muses
Summer 2007
Loyal, Strong, and True
Summer 2007
The Bard in the School Cafeteria
Summer 2007
Commencement of Dialogue
Summer 2007
National Ad Council Runs with BYU Slogan
Spring 2007
The Other Beck
Spring 2007
Titanic Lakes
Spring 2007
More than 30 researchers studied the latest radar images of Titan, the largest of Saturn’s 35 moons.