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Making Guests at Home

The five-bedroom University Guest House opened in January to accommodate visiting speakers, scholars, and VIPs on campus, giving them a more immersive BYU experience. Previously, such guests have stayed in nearby hotels, visiting campus for the day or just a few hours.

“We wanted to provide the opportunity for more interaction between students and faculty and the guests. That isn’t found in a hotel room like it is here,” says longtime BYU donor Jack Wheatley, who brought the idea for the Guest House to university administrators. Staying in the Guest House, “there’s an increased ability to take in the campus setting, the feeling, the environment.”

Funded by donations, the Guest House was erected next to and in the style of the Former Presidents’ Home, which currently houses the Graduate Studies Office. Each guestroom is named after its view, from the Y to Mt. Timpanogos to the Maeser Building. A stay, bookable only through a BYU department, includes breakfast and a student-employee concierge.