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Todd R. Michaelis

Matthew McCauley


Raising the Career Bar

BYU alum is the new president of Gymboree, an international chain of children’s clothing and accessories stores.


Finals Survival Kits: A Spell of Relief

Finals Survival Kits can brighten students’ stressful days at the end of a semester.

A woman sitting on the piano with a microphone in hand gazing at the man playing the piano.


Bringing the Y Back to You

Through affinity chapters, groups like the Young Ambassadors can continue friendships and serve BYU.


Storytelling Spark

Alum Christian Jensen’s Oscar-nominated White Earth explores themes of innocence, home, and the American dream.

The Grant That Keeps On Giving
Spring 2014
Alumni grants have had a significant impact on BYU students.
Painting Memories
Winter 2014
Larry Macfarlane does family history work—by painting others' childhoods.
Train of Thought
Summer 2013
Once destined to be a seminary teacher, Timothy A. Morris changed career tracks to become a conductor.
Lighting a Village
Summer 2013
This alum came up with an ingenious solution to bring electricity to a remote Dominican Republic village.
From Refugee to City Councilmember
Fall 2012
Tom V. Huynh met the missionaries in a refugee camp. He's since served a mission, graduated and is on the Town Council.
High Caliber
Summer 2012
At age 50, he began looking for a new challenge and applied to compete on the History Channel’s Top Shot.
Pearl Harbor Aerial Peril
Spring 2012
Photographs captured depicting the bombing of Pearl Harbor.
Rockin’ Cougars Land Contract
Winter 2012
Jacob Jones, Stuart Maxfield, and Aaron Anderson rock out in the Provo band Fictionist signed by Atlantic Records.
Dogs for Diabetics
Spring 2011
This alum trains assistance dogs to help identify the onset of hypoglycemia in insulin-dependent diabetics.
Triple Twins
Fall 2010
Best friends and former roommates were surprised when all three started their families with twin boys.
Flour Power
Spring 2010
BYU alum is an expert when it comes to baking with whole wheat, having made over 6200 loaves of bread.
Technology for the Taking
Spring 2010
BYU has been building some incredible technology including a gentler dental drill and a portable chemical analyzer.
The Power of Music
Fall 2009
The trumpet has been Jack Tueller’s lifelong companion.
Head in the Clouds
Fall 2009
Even after 2 tours in Iraq and 1,200 flight hours, Marine helicopter pilot Deborah Turley hasn’t had her fill of flying.
Chapter Focus: Bringing Calm After the Storm
Spring 2009
Alumni find themselves on the front line of service.
A Career on the Gridiron
Winter 2009
A major force on BYU's offensive line, Jake Kuresa went on to play arena football for the Utah Blaze.
Caring Clothier
Fall 2008
BYU alum found Sattler Clothing, an eco-friendly clothing company that provides internships to students in Cape Verde.
Car Customizer
Fall 2008
David Grant has made a career of customizing and restoring automobiles.
The Kid with the Stratocaster
Fall 2008
Lon Gibby’s innovative spirit and creative drive have propelled him through a varied career in media.
Helping Hands
Fall 2008
Alumni volunteer on campus in many ways, including being mentors to students.
Student’s Loss Succeeds at Sundance
Summer 2008
A short film he created by a BYU senior landed a spot at Sundance Film Festival.
The Guru of Green
Summer 2008
Gardening expert Larry Sagers cultivates green thumbs. 
Telling Stories on TV
Spring 2008
This alum has traveled the world and conducted more than 2,000 interviews for television.
BYU’s Second Home Court
Spring 2008
Tracey and Larry Long build the spirit of the Y in Las Vegas.
The Matchmakers
Spring 2008
Alumni Career Placement helps potential employees and employers find each other.
PR in D.C.
Winter 2008
An interest in public relations led Peter Carr to government service.
Matters of Migration
Winter 2008
An alum has come to understand the forces behind immigration, one person at a time.
Fighting Cancer with Vitamins
Fall 2007
Philip Low has discovered a way to target cancer treatments directly to cancer cells.
Going Dutch
Fall 2007
Dutch oven champs David and Scott Clawson made Philly cheese steak rolls as part of their winning meal.
Resolve to Get Involved
Fall 2007
Chapters of the Alumni Association sponsor various activities to keep alumni involved.
Majestic Photographer
Summer 2007
After 15 years of hiking around Timpanogos with a camera, Willie Holdman has stunning photos to show for it.
Swinging for Scholarships
Summer 2007
For seven consecutive years the Chattanooga chapter has raised funds for student scholarships.
An Affinity for Animation
Summer 2007
With a successful animation career, Eric Hochhalter wants to stay connected to BYU animation faculty.
I Spy Wi-Fi
Spring 2007
A simple device that analyzes wireless networks for interference has become big business for a BYU inventor.
A Tale of Truth
Spring 2007
Two alumni research and shed light on the war in the Pacific.
Strength From a Stroke
Spring 2007
When Dr. Steven Edgley advises his stroke rehabilitation patients, he can speak from experience.
A First Chapter in the Last Frontier
Spring 2007
These alumni started a chapter in Alaska.
A But for Investigations
Winter 2007
For Michael McPheters, 30 years as an FBI agent were not enough to exhaust an interest in investigation.
Driven to Design
Fall 2006
Parkinson and Dean, both grads of BYU’s industrial design program, now apply their artistic sensibilities to car design.
Calling Plays in Dallas
Summer 2006
This couple says being chapter chairs is a rewarding way to give back to BYU.
Super Slider
Spring 2006
In 2004 this BYU athlete was the first American to win the overall Europa Cup title.
A Modest Fashion Statement
Winter 2006
Chelsea Stenson Rippy decided to start her own clothing company.
From Web Site to Job Site
Winter 2006
Career quests get a boost online.
A Golden Anniversary
Winter 2006
50 years later class of 1955 student body president strikes a familiar pose.
Active Voice
Summer 2005
Titze lifelong love of voice now underpins his research, which includes voice disorders and computer-simulated voice.
Telling the Emeriti Story
Summer 2005
The new president of the Emeriti Alumni Association wants to raise awareness of the association's value.
Dental Detective
Winter 2005
John D. McDowell, ’70, has crossed paths with the infamous outlaw Jesse James.
Soul Music
Fall 2004
Despite being born with spina bifida, J. Ryan Moody has not let the congenital defect intrude on his passion for music.
Net Gain
Fall 2004
Volleyballer Dylann Duncan Ceriani has been induced into CoSIDA Academic All-America Hall of Fame.
Fruits of Success
Summer 2004
Scott and Addison return to their roots.
Wearing Many Hats
Spring 2004
Gormley, founder of Zephyr Graf-X, makers of hats and sports apparel, wears a hat a minimum of 70 hours a week.
Honoring Emeriti
Spring 2004
The BYU Emeriti Alumni Association honored 10 individuals Feb. 28 at its annual awards luncheon.
Making Waves
Winter 2004
Lawler and Stilson combine forces to start a new women’s talk show.
Restoring a Dream
Fall 2003
Douglas Smoot helps save Brigham Young Academy.
Returning to Blue
Summer 2003
Once a BYU football player, this alum returns after playing for the 49ers.
Family Time In The Mountains
Summer 2003
Aspen Grove offers family-focused retreats year-round.
Honoring Emeriti
Summer 2003
Ten people recently received emeriti awards from the BYU Emeriti Alumni Association.
BYU Sponsors Regional Conference, Promotes “Peak Performance”
Summer 2003
A team of BYU students chose "Peak Performance" as the theme for the 2003 District VII ASAP.
Chapter Focus: Gathering Strength in Colorado
Spring 2003
The McIlroys served as chapter chairs for more than seven years, but now the mantle has passed to the Poulsen's.
A Stellar Career
Winter 2003
Aaron D. Gilchrist helped to design and test the Mars Odyssey, which now orbits Mars.
Artist Enjoys Life in the Drivers Seat
Fall 2002
BYU Alum works for Ford designing future cars.
It’s All in the Card
Summer 2002
Discover some of the advantages of active membership in B.Y.U. Alumni Association.
Chapter Raises the Bar while Raising Funds
Summer 2002
The Petersons head one of the most successful chapters in the country in terms of donations to the BYU Annual Fund.
A Rocket-Powered Career
Spring 2002
Meet Sea Launch mission director, alum Stephen M. Thelin.
Do Good and Be Good
Spring 2002
Although a nurse by training, Mary Ellen Edmunds is a missionary by practice.
Bird Leader
Winter 2002
Ever since he was four years old, Alum Ellis has had a fascination with birds.
Chronicling the Dark Remedy
Summer 2001
Trent D. Stephens researches thalidomide, which causes deformities in some 10,000 children in 46 countries.
Alum Grabs Grammy Attention
Summer 2001
Joseph FireCrow caught national attention when he was nominated for the 2001 Grammy Awards.
Former Golf Pro Sinks His Talent into Course Design
Spring 2001
According to Fought, a great course requires more than good grass and appeal.
Reunions ’00: Reliving Great Memories
Spring 2001
The sweetness of a victory 20 years ago was rejuvenated at a Homecoming 2000 reunion.