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Alumni Report

Honoring Emeriti

The BYU Emeriti Alumni Association honored 10 individuals Feb. 28 at its annual awards luncheon. Recipients are Joan Seymour Hamblin, ’55, Dwaine M. Hatch, ’56, Ray C. Hillam, ’60, Malan R. Jackson, ’60, Barbara Wooten Lewis, ’43, Lloyd Dee Paulsen, ’46, Catherine Barton Pedersen, ’61, Bill J. Pope, Ralph L. Rollins, ’56, and Boyd W. Winterton, ’47.

BYU Emeriti Award Winners

The 2004 recipients of BYU emeriti awards are Boyd W. Winterton Catherine Barton Pedersen, Joan Seymour Hamblin, Barbara Wooten Lewis, and Ralph L. Rollins, Bill J. Pope, Dwaine M. Hatch, Malan R. Jackson, Ray C. Hillam, and Lloyed Dee Paulsen. Photo by Annie Jones.

Joan Hamblin (Jacob R. Hamblin, ’54) has been a president for the Hayward California Unified Board of Education and for local organizations of the PTA, Relief Society, and Primary. As a writer she has contributed to the San Ramon Valley Times, LDS Church News, and Ensign. She served with her husband as an area welfare agent in Central America, where they worked with 80 humanitarian projects.

Dwaine Hatch (Ruby Olsen Hatch, ’60), a football coach and teacher for 43 years, was inducted into the Washington State High School Football Coaches Hall of Fame in 2001 and is a former Washington State Football Coach of the Year. He survived an accident in which both legs were crushed below the knees. After 10 surgeries and a year in a wheelchair, he was able to walk, run, and return to teaching and coaching. Hatch teaches German at Southern Virginia University and is the offensive coordinator of the school’s first football team.

During his 33 years at BYU, Ray Hillam (Carolyn Sanders Hillam) has had Fulbright Scholarships to the Republic of Vietnam, the Republic of China (Taiwan), and the People’s Republic of China. He has been chair of the Political Science Department and director of the David M. Kennedy Center for International Studies and has received multiple BYU honors.

Malan Jackson (Linda Gold Jackson, ’87) was one of the first missionaries to Hong Kong and was later founding president of the Taiwan Mission. He was Honorary Consul for Mongolia and the first American to receive the Friend of Mongolia Award from the President of Mongolia. He served as chairman of the board for Blue Cross-Blue Shield of Utah, and he received the Walter C. Orem Outstanding Citizen Award and the Distinguished Service Award for the LDS International Society.

Barbara Lewis (Ben E. Lewis, ’40) is a friend to hundreds and a consummate facilitator, mother, and confidante. Besides raising her five children, her family included three foster children. She has been vice president of BYU Women and has served as a Primary and Relief Society president. She also accompanied her husband on his assignment as the London, England, mission president.

Lloyd Paulsen, a civil engineer, was an expert in the Los Angeles Bureau of Engineering on environmental matters. As a district engineer and a deputy city engineer, he was in charge of reconstruction following the 1969 flood disaster and the 1971 earthquake. As a member of the Civil Engineering Heritage Committee of the American Society of Civil Engineering, he worked to locate historical engineering landmarks and list them in national registries. He has received the Silver Beaver Award from the Boy Scouts of America.

Over the years, Catherine Pedersen (Robert G. Pedersen, ’59) has taken many foster daughters into her home, while raising her family of eight children and enjoying 21 grandchildren. She was regional director for the Pennies-by-the-Inch Drive and president of the Utah Governor’s Mansion Foundation. She was presented with the Governor’s Point of Light Volunteer Award for Utah in 2001, and the Daily Point of Light Volunteer Award from President George W. Bush in 2002.

At age 81, Bill Pope (Margaret McConkie Pope, ’81) continues a highly productive and successful career in business, engineering, education, and philanthropy. He has been chair and CEO of Diamicron and U.S. Synthetic and was the founder of Megadiamond Industries. In 1998 Utah Valley State College named a science building after him, and he received the Utah Governor’s Medal for Science and Technology in 2002. A BYU professor emeritus, Pope was also professor and acting president of the Abadan Institute of Technology in Iran.

Ralph Rollins (Betty Barney Rollins, ’46) was a professor of civil engineering at BYU from 1958 to 1989 and served as a department chair for two years. He performed geotechnical investigations for 80 dams and more than 5,000 structures, including most of the high-rises in Salt Lake City and all buildings constructed on BYU campus from 1958 to 1998. He received the Outstanding Professional Engineer Award for Technical Competence. A Kiwanis member and president, he also received the Kiwanis Outstanding Service Award.

Boyd Winterton (Bonnie Moesser Winterton, ’51) has served twice as National Chaplain for the Veterans of Foreign Wars. He served the homeless for 10 years as a member of the Salt Lake City Ministerial Association. Winterton received the Silver Beaver Award from the Boy Scouts of America and was the recipient of the American “In God We Trust” Family Medal from the Family Foundation of America.