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Alumni Updates

Fruits of Success

L. Scott Webster, ’95, and Addison K. Webster, ’92, were told by their parents to leave the farm and get an education. So Scott and Addison dutifully adhered to this advice and attended BYU. Scott received a degree in business finance while Addison acquired an accounting degree. Though they obtained employment in their respective fields, the idea of farm life remained attractive.

“I have always had a strong desire to come back to the fruit industry,” Scott says. With their combined experience in business, finance, and technology, the brothers cofounded the Fruit Company, an online purveyor of edible gifts.

Starting a new company requires considerable investment, risk, and cooperation in a family business. But, Addison says, “we also knew there was a risk of doing nothing.” Since its beginnings in November 1999, the Fruit Company has been endorsed by Oprah Winfrey in her O magazine, and it also serves as a gift vendor for

With success, the brothers have only grown closer. “What is more important to Scott and me is not the Fruit Company or the gains financially. It’s the opportunity of working together,” Addison says.