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A First Chapter in the Last Frontier

Ed and Debbie Lamb

Ed and Debbie Lamb

After moving from Gilbert, Ariz., to Anchorage, Alaska, Edward H. Lamb (BS ’83) and his wife, Debra Dare Lamb (BS ’79), wanted to link up with others who had attended BYU. On a trip to see their daughter at BYU, they visited the alumni house to ask about an Alaska chapter and learned that none existed.

“We weren’t aware that our alumni in Alaska had a desire to connect with each other and reconnect with BYU until Ed and Debbie walked into our offices,” says Roy A. Brinkerhoff (MFA ’84), assistant director of alumni activities. “They were interested, so we asked them to start one.”

“We were hesitant to accept more responsibility—but we knew the Spirit of the Y needed to be shared,” Debra says. The new chapter chairs organized the chapter board, formed committees, and contacted alumni. “Our first activity was watching the groundbreaking of the Gordon B. Hinckley Alumni and Visitors Center in June 2006.” Besides activities, the chapter is striving to build a strong mentor program.

“Ed is a CEO for a hospital. We had two students who were interested in the medical profession shadow him at work for a day. This is the type of interaction we want to establish between alumni and students,” Debra says.

The Lambs also want graduates in Alaska to use chapter resources for networking and finding employment. And they hope the chapter will serve as a beacon for the Church.

“When people see us in our BYU blues in the community, conversations may lead to talking about the gospel,” Ed says.