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Alumni Report

Calling Plays in Dallas

Amy Kunz Fennegan (BA ’94) recalls that at first she was not interested in Garth Fennegan (BS ’94). “I must have had a preconceived notion about football players,” Amy says. Not then a member of the Church of Jesus Christ, Garth, a quarterback, came to BYU to play football.

Despite Amy’s initial reluctance, it wasn’t long after meeting in a dorm lobby that they began dating. “We would have gospel discussions during the week, and he would bring up concerns,” Amy says. “I happened to be the Gospel Essentials instructor, and he would attend my class. I tailored my lesson each week to answer his concerns.” After a year at BYU, Garth joined the Church. Though he never quarterbacked for BYU, Garth and Amy now call the plays as chapter chairs for the Dallas/Fort Worth Chapter of the BYU Alumni Association.

Amy Kunz and Garth Fenegan

BYU introduced Amy Kunz to Garth Fenegan to the Church. The couple says being chapter chairs is a rewarding way to give back to BYU.

“When Garth and I agreed to be chapter chairs, we didn’t realize the great time commitment required—nor did we realize how rewarding this responsibility was going to be,” Amy says. For the Fennegans, rewarding experiences have come through organizing chapter activities, raising money for replenishment grants, and awarding grants to BYU students from the area.

Many chapter activities involve sports. Brent W. Romney (BS ’82), a former Alumni Association president who now serves as the chapter treasurer and fund-raising chair, was influential in setting up Mormon Night with the NBA’s Dallas Mavericks. “Years ago when the Philadelphia 76ers came to play the Mavericks, I thought it would be a good idea to have then rookie Shawn Bradley (’95) of the 76ers be our guest speaker for a post-game gathering,” Romney says. Later traded to the Mavericks, Bradley played nine seasons in Dallas and ended up speaking to the chapter every year of his pro career. That activity and one like it with the Texas Rangers, has benefited the chapter’s fund-raising efforts.

Other chapter events include annual firesides, a summer freshman send-off party, and visits from BYU performing-arts groups. The chapter also gives an Alumnus of the Year Award.

Serving as chapter chairs has been a way for the Fennegans to give back to BYU. “I went to BYU to play football,” Garth says, “but received so much more.”

For information about chapter activities in your area, visit or call 801-422-4663.