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Bipeds with iPods

This sampling of student tastes comes straight from the Cougareat, where BYU Magazine surveyed 100 lunchtime BYU students. The results, while neither statistically significant nor sound, reveal a few fun facts about student life.

Of the group surveyed:

• 55 of the students owned an mp3 player. 80 percent of those owned iPods.

• Half of freshmen owned iPods, compared to only one-third of sophomores.

• 53 percent of females owned iPods, compared to only 37 percent of males.

• BA candidates who owned iPods: 33 percent; BS candidates: 47 percent; undecided: 57 percent.

• Of those who owned an iPod, 48 percent owned the standard iPod, 18 percent owned the iPod nano, and 11 percent owned the iPod shuffle.

• 32 percent of owners reported feeling more cool when listening to their iPods.