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Going Dutch

Dutch oven

Dutch oven champs David (above, left) and Scott Clawson made Philly cheese steak rolls as part of their winning meal.

Champion Dutch-oven competitor David L. Clawson (BS ’06) never received his cooking merit badge, even though his interest in cooking began when he was 9 years old. “My friend and I were hungry,” says Clawson. “Unsupervised, we started some coals and created a dish consisting of meat, rice, tuna fish, and a variety of spices—it actually turned out.” His cooking skills improved as he served a mission, and his brother, Scott, who competes in Dutch oven cook-offs, noticed. The Clawson brothers began cooking together, and before long, their preparation paid off.

At the 2007 International Dutch Oven Society World Championship Cook-Off, the Clawsons prepared tenderloin and lobster tails, Philly cheese steak rolls, and layered chocolate cake with strawberry cream filling. In the three-day competition, the food is judged by difficulty of recipes, presentation, and taste. The Clawson brothers proved victorious and received $5,000.

“My portion of the winnings has been designated to pay for my family’s California vacation this fall, which includes watching BYU play UCLA,” David says.