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Riley M. Lorimer

Yellowstone Collection


A Park for the People

BYU’s Larsen Yellowstone Collection reveals the colorful history of the world’s first national park. 


Adventures at the Museum

One student’s enthusiasm for the Museum of   Peoples and Cultures is netting volunteers and visitors.


Designer Definitions

Art with the dual goal of informing viewers and cultivating a sense of social responsibility in designers.



The Art of Family History

The art pays homage to Turley’s ancestors and expresses the idea that every person is connected to those before them.

Seeing From Both Sides
Spring 2008
Four months in Central Asia put Miles Hansen on a path that wasn't on his map.
Art Beat: Called to Serve
Winter 2008
Hedengren wasn't a missionary but he chose to focus on missionary work.
How to Build a Solid Financial Future
Winter 2008
BYU experts show that the stability of your financial house depends more on the decisions you make than your paycheck.
A Heritage in Paint
Fall 2007
One of the two murals in David Dibble's the Barn Project depicts his ancestors working on the family farm.
One-Man Band
Fall 2007
Jake Haws is an owner, manager, sound technician, ticket-taker, marketing director, favorite performer, and janitor.
Talking Business in Beijing
Fall 2007
BYU students were joined by a top Chinese economic official while visiting China.
Physics as a Second Language
Summer 2007
With the help of her mentors, a lifelong student of English discovers that physics is her native tongue.
Art Beat: Canyon Changes
Summer 2007
Through photography, Thomas M. Spindle exposes how development has cut into Provo Canyon.
Biofeedback: Quit Stressing It
Summer 2007
In the lab students learn eight different relaxation techniques.
Art Beat: A Portrait of Romania
Spring 2007
Chipman came to love the children she now paints with such skill, each of whom she still knows by name.
The Secrets of Stradivari
Spring 2007
Noel Owen and Dennis Tolley demystify the alchemy of violin making in their recent Nature study.
The Second Rescue
Winter 2007
Compelled by stories of handcart pioneers’ faith and courage, Scott Lorimer and his stake completed 4,000+ ordinances.
Home Away from Home: BYU Housing Q&A
Winter 2007
Housing in Provo is making significant changes with the new two-mile radius boundary for off-campus housing.
Something More than Football
Winter 2007
Whatever the future brings, Pili is grateful for the discipline he learned from football.
Gumdo Girl
Winter 2007
This BYU English major took home the gold.
Lessons from the Night Shift
Winter 2007
When Franklin took a low-paying job at his neighborhood Wendy's restaurant, he never imagined where it would take him.