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Designer Definitions

Umbrella Paintings

Of her piece Umbrellas, Jenny Willardson (’09) explains, “We have something designed to shield us from the rain. But in many underdeveloped countries, life depends on the rainwater they receive.”

WATER: A life-sustaining and increasingly rare substance

POLITICS: The science of influencing governmental policy

HOPE: Belief in a brighter future; the product of the exhibit Water/ Politics/ and Hope

Student designer Keenan J. D. Cummings (’08) calls Water/ Politics/ and Hope “an awareness exhibit,” and rightly so—each piece explores the complex relationship between humans and the world’s water supply. The exhibit, displayed in the HFAC during March, was created by a Special Projects in Graphic Design class, with the dual goal of informing viewers and cultivating a sense of social responsibility in designers.

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