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Jeffrey McClellan


“Thy Troubles to Bless”

Even during dark days when questions go unanswered, we can find joy and faith.


The Long Run

Adversity turned Jared Ward to the marathon. Smarts and grit propelled him to the finish.


Three Cheers for Quiet Work


Looking Up to the Hamsons

This mother-daughter duo is something you'll have to look up to.

Get Well Soon
Fall 2011
A Richards Building racquetball court has been transformed into a spinning room, complete with 40 cycles.
Making a Mark
Summer 2011
Social Life = Longer Life
Fall 2010
Boost your survival odds by developing these habits.
Provo in an Hour
Winter 2010
A BYU illustration major paints 50 portraits in an hour, capturing the people of Provo.
The First Year: Great Expectations
Summer 2009
The first in a four-part series capturing the journey of four new students as they enter Brigham Young University.
Twisted Talent
Fall 2008
Being More
Summer 2008
Olympic trials push BYU athletes to be more than they might have been.
A Prophet’s Voice
Spring 2008
Finish Work
Summer 2007
The Hinckley Alumni and Visitors Center stands as a tribute to the beloved prophet—this is its story.
Strangers No More
Winter 2007
At times the prospect of forging friendly relations seems as likely as mixing oil and water.
Digging In
Summer 2006
President Gordon B. Hinckley turned the first shovelful of dirt for a new BYU building that will bear his name. 
On the Shoulders of Giants
Summer 2005
While studying at BYU’s London Centre, students explore their heritage by encountering those who created it.
Everyday BYU
Spring 2005
Securing the Future
Winter 2004
The Magnificent Mary Lou
Winter 2004
Six Bites of BYU
Fall 2003
A Celebration for BYU
Fall 2003
Fit for Office
Summer 2003
Presidential Change
Spring 2003
Hangout Havens
Spring 2003
When I began attending BYU, I quickly learned that cool literary folk hung out at the Pie.
PACE Award Fuels BYU Programs
Winter 2003
A Library for the World
Winter 2003
The library is expanding again - this time digitally - making holdings more accessible around the world.
A Conduit for BYU News
Winter 2003
A Center for Learning
Summer 2002
New Life in Old Nauvoo
Spring 2002
At Home in Nauvoo
Spring 2002
The Art of Faith
Winter 2002
Christ Healing the Sick at Bethesda (1883) is one of eight altarpieces created by Carl Bloch. Now, it's at BYU.
Collected Memory
Summer 2001
Welcome to BYU Magazine
Spring 2001
Windows, Books, and Lofty Spaces
Winter 2001
The Call of the Wild
Summer 2000
Top 10 BYU Professors of the 20th Century
Winter 1999
From 1899 to 1999, these are the teachers whose reputation preceded them, and whose influence lingers to this day.
A Light on a Hill: Making BYU World-Class, Taking BYU Worldwide
Fall 1999
Build a Monument to Your Faith
Spring 1999
All Are Alike
Summer 1998
Facts of Science
Summer 1998
Giving an Old Building New Tricks
Summer 1998
The Eyring Science Center reopens with a dedication on March 10, 1998.
BYU’s Hall of Wonders
Summer 1998
BYU's science building is full of adventure and discovery.
Sir Pete of BYU
Spring 1998
The Royal Norwegian Order of Merit, Knight First Class, is awarded to BYU's Pete Peterson.
Barbie and Beauty at BYU
Winter 1998
New merchandise addition BYU Barbie receives a gamut of opinions from students, both negative and positive.
School of Family Inaugurated
Winter 1998
Mormon Pioneers Settle at BYU
Fall 1997
Fast Times at BYU
Summer 1997
Dumb jocks? Afraid not.
Summer 1997
Wise Professor Seeks to Build Houses on Sand
Spring 1997
BYU-Befriended Stonefly Triumphs over Trash
Spring 1997
Student Finds Joy in HUGS
Spring 1997
Army Cadets Sweep Ranger Challenge Competitions
Spring 1997
BYU's male team won both competitions they attended this year.
Morris J. Robins: J. Rex Goates Professor of Chemistry
Fall 1996
Saber-Toothed Tigers May be the Answer to Stress
Fall 1996
New Course Teaches Health and Fitness Principles
Fall 1996
Lighting the Way at BYU-Hawaii
Summer 1996
Campaign Priorities: Making a Difference in People’s Lives
Spring 1996
The Anatomy of a Campaign
Spring 1996
Sister Hinckley Shares Humor and Wisdom at Women’s Conference
Spring 1996
32-year-old Wilkinson Center Gets a Face-Lift
Winter 1996
Artist Joins Effort to Save BY Academy
Winter 1996
A Crossroads of Cultures
Winter 1996