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Grant R. Madsen


Making Drugs

BYU researchers have taken a major step toward improving the process for at least one important cancer drug.


Less Cutting, More Clicking

BYU computer scientists have developed a software that can transfer MRIs, ultrasounds, and more into 3-D images.

Y on Y Mountain framed by trees


Diving Into Oil

An expedition to the Caribbean gives geology students clues to the location and nature of oil reservoirs.


Fultons Donate Three New Academic Chairs

To date, the Fultons have given more than $50 million to the university—contributions that have campus-wide impact.

A Cougar Running the Utes
Winter 2005
BYU alum Michael Young never dreamed of becoming a university president, much less president of the University of Utah.
Friends Amid the Feud
Winter 2005
Despite war between BYU and the U of U on the playing field, in research the universities have become fast allies.
An Older Isthmus
Winter 2005
Geologist Wade Miller found fossils in Mexico that rewrite the history of the Panamanian Isthmus.
College Updates
Winter 2005
See the progress that BYU is making in the pursuit of knowledge.
Fighting the Tough Bugs
Winter 2005
BYU is contracted to develop new antibiotics, which are being tested on burn victims who are vulnerable to infection.
BYU Establishes Mary Lou Fulton Chair
Spring 2004
The Fultons have made contributions of impact campuswide.
Ira Fulton: Full of Surprises
Winter 2004
Ira Fulton, the Arizona businessman, thinks big. BYU reaps the benefits of his leadership.
Watch Why You Eat
Fall 2003
A BYU health sciences professor says eating motivation may have more to do with obesity than diet content.
Tiny Technique Improves Molecular Manipulation
Spring 2003
A Team of BYU researchers uses a new method to scribe lines on a silicon surface using an atomic-force microscope.
The Lava Hunters of Mount Kilauea
Summer 2002
Professor Keith leads students through the lava fields of Hawaii.
The Science of Singing
Spring 2002
A BYU music professor is applying discoveries in physics to create vocal beauty.
Benson Institute Inaugurates Water System in Ecuador
Fall 2002
The Benson Institute and the Bumstead families combined with villagers in Ecuador to build a culinary water system.
Fire and Ice
Fall 2001
David Draper's 10 years of research on injury rehabilitation culminated in a national award.
Study of Online Shopper Lifestyles and Attitudes
Winter 2001
Study shows what shoppers like and dislike about online shopping.
Fall 2000
ORCA awarded 238 undergraduate students $1,000 scholarships to fund research projects and other academic ventures.
Grad Student Wins Metropolitan Opera Competition
Summer 2000
Killian's name was called as one of five Grand National Finals winners in what is considered the Olympics of opera.
BYU – Built Mirrors Aboard NASA’s IMAGE Satellite
Summer 2000
BYU students created mirrors for NASA's IMAGE satellite.
Loads, Spans, and Smithereens: BYU’s Student Bridge Builders
Spring 2000
Every year, scores of student engineers take part in similar service projects.
Award-Winning Kit Promotes Financial Health
Fall 1999
The financial first aid kit teaches studentas how to acquire, budget, and save money for their education.
Web Team Gives Blind Students More Site
Fall 1999
BYU's web team works to make websites more user friendly for those without sight.
Electric Racing Team Dusts Competitiors
Fall 1999
BYU’s “Electric Blue: racer and its student crew were the unexpected winners at the 1999 Tustin Thunder Race.
Law Students Build Community Service Practice
Fall 1999
BYU law professor David Dominguez is trying to do the seemingly impossible--give people a reason to like lawyers.
Rugged Radios, Pagers with Panache: Students Shape Designs for Motorola
Summer 1999
Senior Mark Solomon designed these disc-shaped pagers as part of BYU's industrial design partnership with Motorola.
Phenomenal Electrical Power, Itty-Bitty Storage Space
Fall 1998
Linton Salmon holds a wafer containing 1,200 of the tiny batteries he helped invent.
Professor Hears Century-Old Japanese Voices
Fall 1998
Wax-disc recordings from the turn of the century preserve performances of a Japanese theater troupe.