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Rachel E. Teixeira

A quilt made from dried flowers is draped over a clear chair in an art gallery


Memory Preserves 

A BYU student takes inspiration from preserving apricot jam to create art that lasts.

Professor Eric Eliason sits at a booth at Arctic Circle with a tray of fries, fry sauce, a pastrami burger, and a thick over-the-top milkshake.


Utah Food Lore

Eric Eliason breaks down Utah food traditions like fry sauce, scones, green jell-O, funeral potatoes, and more.

Painted collage of woman standing behind a garden chair


Mixed Backgrounds

The plants, patterns, and poses in this art student's portrait series are based on interviews with people of mixed race.

Blindfolded students practices putting a sheet on cookies into the over while her professor watches


Blind Hope

In her New Horizons Lab, a legally blind nursing professor teaches people with vision impairments how to cook.

We Are the Champions
Winter 2022
BYU runners make history three times at the 2021 NCAA Cross Country Championships.
Why Run?
Winter 2022
BYU life sciences researcher finds extra benefits of endurance running that might just motivate you to hit the pavement.
Learning for the “Least of These”
Winter 2022
BYU professors and students change the lives of incarcerated people by teaching history at Utah's state prisons.
Winter 2022
BYU alumni, faculty, and students are helping Wilford Woodruff’s records of the Restoration become available to all.
Pop-Culture Power
Fall 2021
Scott Church, who teaches a class on pop culture at BYU, says our entertainment is more than an escape from boredom.
Power Chips
Fall 2021
A team of BYU researchers took the lead in a global race to create power-efficient, high-speed electronics.
Look Again
Fall 2021
Contemporary artist Vik Muniz invites us to look closer and explore new perspectives with his photographic delusions.
Winner of Hearts
Fall 2021
Diljeet Taylor, BYU Women's Cross Country head coach, turns her runners into champions on and off the track.
A Royal (and Navy) Army
Summer 2021
BYU football released two new helmet colors, navy and royal blue, as a throwback to Cougar history and tradition.
Courage to Change Course
Summer 2021
Utah’s Lieutenant Governor, who just served as her own intern, has returned to BYU to finish her bachelor’s.
Facing the Past
Summer 2021
A recent biology grad is sculpting faces atop ancient hominid skull replicas for an exhibit at BYU.
Raw Beauty
Summer 2021
Artist Todd Stilson depicts the benevolence of God in a Harold B. Lee Library exhibit—using common road symbols.
Happier at Home
Spring 2021
Spending more time at home during COVID-19 shutdowns might actually be helping teen mental health, say BYU researchers.
Stage Fright
Spring 2021
BYU theatre students appeared on stage as ghostly projections during productions of Illusionary Tales.
Digging Deep
Spring 2021
With a dominant 65-point win, BYU Women’s Cross Country claimed their gold at the 2021 NCAA Championships.
The Price of Pollution
Spring 2021
Utah air pollution isn’t just hurting our wallets—it’s also affecting our health, BYU research says.
10 Years of TEDxBYU
Spring 2021
BYU’s Ballard Center celebrated the tenth anniversary of TEDxBYU. See the top ten TEDxBYU speeches of the decade.