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E. Liza Richards

S Thomsen


A Steady Diet of Images

Media researcher Steve Thomsen is seeking to understand how popular magazines may contribute to teen eating disorders.

Lynn Callister


Transcending Barriers to Caring

Nursing Professor Lynn Callister shows perinatal nurses how to connect with their patients – from any culture.

Ottoman Art


Empire of the Sultans

The Ottomans are not only defined by their ability to conquer but also by how they worshipped.


Hearing A Need

BYU audiologist David McPherson has spent five years studying hearing loss and improving futures in Vietnam.

Painting Stories
Winter 2002
A BYU illustration professor deepens children's stories through art.
Class on a Canoe and Culture Too
Winter 2002
BYU-Hawaii’s recently launched Iosepa, a double-hulled Hawaiian canoe, will carry students to nearby islands.
Young Footwork
Winter 2002
At the ripe old age of 19, BYU’s Aleisha Cramer is playing with Team USA’s Mia Hamm and Brandi Chastain.
The World Can be Your Campus–Still
Winter 2002
BYU Travel Study helps BYU alumni and others continue their education in the classroom of the world.
Running Away with the Title
Winter 2002
Michaela Mannova led the Cougars to their third national title in five years.
If the SHOE Fits
Fall 2001
Political science major Lincoln Dewey shares his enthusiasm for mentoring students with disabilities.
Back to School
Winter 2001
BYU introduces a new class for nontraditional students.
Rebuilding BYU’s First Home
Winter 2001
Women’s Conference eventually contributed a total of $200,000 to build the two-story brick replica of Lewis Hall.
Typical Genius
Winter 2001
Bruening, a BYU senior, was one of 13 students nationwide to receive a perfect 180 on the LSAT in June.