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Lisa Ann Jackson Thomson


When the Light Goes Out

In a time when young adults seek help for anxiety and depression like never before, BYU experts offer advice—and hope.


Arm Your Kids for the Battle

BYU experts share five ways to help kids in their fight against pornography.


Seen the Good?

BYUtv takes a new direction, providing more exciting yet edifying entertainment for the whole family.


A Voice for Sophie’s Daughters

Students are giving voice to largely forgotten German women.

Reporting on the Home Front
Summer 2007
Network news she fell into. Motherhood she chose.
A Forgotten Work of Felix Mendelssohn
Fall 2006
A once-neglected concerto manuscript now tells the tale of the development of a young genius and a musical genre.
Building BYU
Spring 2006
These are the esteemed individuals and power couples who built BYU as we know it.
Turning Up the Volume on Genes
Winter 2006
Put It to a Vote
Summer 2005
Informing Campaign Finance Reform
Summer 2004
Digging Up Support
Winter 2004
Students Teaching Students Teaching Students
Summer 2003
Salient Sounds and Rigorous Rhymes
Summer 2003
Sailing on Trade Winds
Spring 2003
A Mission to Wales
Fall 2002
Dancing in Their Shoes
Winter 2002
For BYU folk dancers, dance is a way of discovering, sharing, and celebrating the cultures of the world.
In The Mayan Jungle
Fall 2001
In a World War II prison camp, Ray learned to survive. In the jungles of Central America, he put that skill to practice.
More Than Just a Pretty Face
Winter 2001
A disturbing amount of advertisements are harmful to women says BYU professor.
Setting Things Straight
Fall 1999
Reading Lives Through Story Windows
Spring 1999
Banishing Poverty to Museums and History Books
Spring 1999
Tiny loans, called microcredit, provides credit to impoverished people and allows them to earn their way out of poverty
Museum Exhibits Students’ Skills
Spring 1999
Cheese Tasters Curdle Their Competition
Spring 1999
English Grad Student Plays Detective in Unabomber Case
Fall 1998
Sacred Funds
Fall 1998
Library Crusader Finds Researcher’s Grails
Summer 1998
Assistant photo archivist at the Harold B. Lee Library, digs through special collections and more to find holy grails.
Capital Campaign Two-Thirds of the Way Lit
Summer 1998
Cross-Cultural Smarts
Spring 1998
Jeffrey is one in a legion of BYU students heeding the clarion call to make the world their campus.
Igor and Vesna Gruppman: School of Music
Spring 1997
Artists Speak to Imaginations Through Painted Glass
Winter 1996
Cancer Group Seeks to Educate the Campus and Serve Cancer Survivors
Winter 1996
Students support and uplift each other through health challenges.
Management Conference Educates Executives the BYU Way
Winter 1996
BYU Professor Saves Lives Through First Aid Handbook
Winter 1996
A BYU professor is helping households nationwide be more prepared for emergencies.