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Sarah Montgomery McConkie


An Ultrasound App

Software devised by BYU students could be useful for doctors in developing countries.


Miles’ Miles

Miles B. Batty (’12) beat the longstanding record with a time of 3:55.79.



One-Dollar Idea

SaraJoy Pond leverages social networking to help little donations make a big difference.


NBA Whistles Aren’t Colorblind-and Neither Are You

NBA refs are making racially biased calls, according to a study by BYU economics professor.

Not Where You’re From; Where You’re Going
Spring 2011
The American dream must stay a reality. Education, says Condoleezza Rice, keeps the dream alive.
Gifts of the Harvest
Winter 2011
As they share the fruit of their labor, members of the Knight Society create a legacy of giving.
Win-Win Situation
Winter 2011
After fierce competition only two teams were left standing—both from BYU.
Life-Saving Software
Winter 2011
Lanny Lin (MS ’09) created a statistical model that may help future search teams find lost hikers.
Sister Act
Winter 2011
After 25 years of hard work and accomplishment, they get to pass the challenge of greatness on to BYU students.
Beetles Are a Girl’s Best Friend
Winter 2011
A student discovers certain beetles’ scales contain photonic crystals, structures that could lead to faster computers.