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Sara Smith Atwood


Blessed Are the Peacemakers

BYU experts offer research-based and gospel-backed ways to create peace and disagree with each other better.


Mind Game

How do you come back after a fall during a race? Rooks has an answer for that.

Tailey Rowley, national collegiate disc golf champion, prepares for a toss in the rain


Learning Curve

Tailey Rowley was named the national collegiate disc golf champion—just a year and a half after picking up the sport.


This Is Big

BYU has finally found its place—decades in the making—in big-time collegiate athletics. 

A Worthen Successor
Spring 2023
Elder Jeffrey R. Holland announces BYU's next president: C. Shane Reese, current academic vice president.
I, Chatbot
Spring 2023
How worried should we be about the arrival—and impact—of chatty new AI machines? BYU experts weigh in.
Trivial Pursuit
Winter 2023
A trio of BYU students made it to the semifinals of NBC’s Capital One College Bowl.
Fowl Waters
Fall 2022
A student-designed filter is making murky waters drinkable.
Brother-Sister Act
Fall 2022
The basics of college life are anything but simple for Damian Anderson, who has autism.
2021 Giving Report: Work That Heals
Fall 2022
Thanks to generous donors, BYU students are using their research and passion for the benefit of the world.
Seeds of Hope
Summer 2022
BYU researchers are working to solve food insecurity at home and abroad.
Power Plates
Summer 2022
How much food does a BYU o-lineman eat during a hard day of training?
Targeting Tumors
Spring 2022
BYU researchers, in tandem with a pharmaceutical company, developed a new cancer drug that's ready for human trials.
The Bright Side
Winter 2022
Amid widespread gloom, BYU experts share reasons they remain hopeful for better things to come.
Spinning Records
Fall 2021
BYUSA president Paul Victor can put a spin on almost anything—plates, books, pillows, even laptops.
The Halloween Dream Team
Fall 2021
Meet the makeup artist behind athletic director Tom Holmoe's epic Halloween costumes.
Deet Diggers
Spring 2021
Today it seems that everybody online wants to know all about you. BYU experts share how to secure your online life.
Rooting Out Racism
Spring 2021
The Committee on Race, Equity & Belonging suggests 26 ways to make BYU more inclusive for all.
Three BYU Masks
Winter 2021
See how campus mask requirements inspired these BYU groups to get creative.
On the Front Lines
Winter 2021
BYU student nurses stepped up to carry out voluntary COVID-19 testing on campus.