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Miriam Brantley Merrill

A polish folk-art sculpture of a Book of Mormon scene.


A Catholic Reads the Book of Mormon 

Catholic Polish woodcarver Roman Śledź creates Book of Mormon woodcarvings based on his reading and Catholic background.

Lucy, Patty, and Violet scold Charlie Brown in a comic of Charles Schulz's Peanuts strip.


Insights from the Peanuts Gallery 

Humanities students donning white lab coats uncover patterns in Charles Schulz's Peanuts.

A BYU student looks up at the rock climbing wall in an indoor venue.



With countless SWELL classes to choose from, BYU students are free to find their fitness element.

Young axolotl gazing up at the surface of a water-filled sinkhole.


Underwater Magic 

BYU students claim the Best Animation title at the 42nd College Television Awards for Cenote.

Spring 2023
BYU’s Living Legends gets a new director—and creates a new show.
A Splash of Inspiration
Spring 2023
A student illustrator draws on her heritage to create an absurdist take on a traditional Japanese haiku.
Dino Dig
Spring 2023
BYU employees make their mark alongside Utah County's United Way.
Record-Breaking Rebounder 
Spring 2023
Leading the 2022-2023 season, Lauren Gustin swept the leaderboards in rebounds, double-doubles, minutes, and points.
Cheerful Persistence
Spring 2023
Paige Moore overcame debilitating brain injury, allowing her to achieve her childhood dream.
High Hopes
Winter 2023
The BYU women’s soccer team finished 2022 with its first-ever repeat appearance in the NCAA Sweet 16.
Planting Seeds in STEM
Winter 2023
Kids learn about science—everything from the water cycle to anatomy—at STEM club, run by BYU education majors.
Linking Families 
Winter 2023
Family history gets faster as economics professor Joseph P. Price (BA ’03) and a team of skilled students run the Record
By Small and Simple Things
Winter 2023
BYU engineers use new technology to etch the entire text of the Book of Mormon on a palm-sized silicon wafer.
See Also: Inspiring Stewardship
Winter 2023
Three sources for building a sense of stewardship and appreciation for the earth, recommended by BYU professor.
Bone-Rumbling Sound
Winter 2023
The sound of the Artemis I launch, with its snaps and pops, was like “40 million bowls of crackling Rice Krispies."