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Rachel L. Keeler

Four petri dishes containing artistic renderings of the Kirtland temple, the portrait of Emma Smith, the first vision, and Van Gogh's “Starry Night.” Images were painted using dark purple, bright pink, turquoise, and yellow bacteria.


Painting with Bacteria

Who says biologists can’t be artists? BYU MMBio and Art Beat Club students create masterpieces out of colorful bacteria.

The photo is edited to show Jenae wearing her her ROTC fatigues on one half of her body and her cheer uniform on the other.


Sidelines and Frontlines

BYU Army ROTC cadet Jenae Hyde dons another role on campus besides being a student; she‘s on the BYU Cheer Squad.

Jonah Hoskins stands on stage with his arms held out as he sings at the Metropolitan Opera National Council Auditions.


Hitting a High Note

BYU student wins $20,000 at the 2020 Metropolitan Opera National Council Auditions.

A yellow Arabian-style doorway in a mosque in Morocco.


National Funding for BYU Arabic

BYU is one of only seven Arabic flagship schools designated by the U.S. National Security Education Program.

New BYU Milk and Cookies Café
Winter 2020
In just 10 minutes, customizable, fresh-baked cookies are ready hot out of the oven at BYU’s new Milk and Cookies café.
The Evolution, and End, of EFY
Winter 2020
From EFY to FSY, BYU has played a part in creating memorable youth camps.
3 More Mental-Health Counselors
Winter 2020
BYU hired three more full-time mental-health counselors in response to the high demand for mental-heath resources.
Retiring a Tradition
Fall 2019
A BYU tradition that stood for more than 100 years is being retired due to decreasing participation.