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Nathan K. Chai

Professor William E. Dibble


Adventures in Science

A multidisciplinary course satisfies all the general-ed science requirements but only whets the curiosity of students.

Alisha M. Ard


All That Jazz

For Trombonist and singer Alisha Ard, performing is just another form of service.


Anniversary Gift

Elaine Marshall accepts a check from IHC's David Clark.

Sam and the Nursing School at BYU


Dying for an Education

For Sam, suffering daily through serious medical complications is just part of the job.

The Quiet Persistence of Stone
Winter 2003
Even in the pronouncement of their names one can feel the weight of their history: Suqsayhuamán. Machu Picchu. Moai.
Modeling the World’s Waters
Fall 2002
BYU researchers have traveled across the globe to train engineers on the software they created to model water features.
Kids on Safari
Fall 2002
Wishing their parents farewell, these kids dive into the wonders of the world thanks to the Bean Museum.
An African Pioneer
Fall 2002
With persistence and courage, Toupta Boguena is paving her own road to success.
BYU Dominates Mechanical Engineering Competition – Again
Fall 2002
Michael Liechty steers Nemesis to a first place overall finish in the 2000 Mini Baja West endurance course.