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Felicity A. Warren

Illustration of a jazz band playing


Toe Tappin’ and Finger Snappin’ 101

Professor Stephen Lindeman seeks to help students appreciate jazz, its history, and its social implications.

Painting of Jesus Christ's face with piercing blue eyes.


Devotionals in Color

After inspiration from devotionals, BYU student Amber Ellis paints her testimony.


Long Story Short

For Sam Payne, storytelling and the guitar go hand-in-hand.


More Than Just a Suit

Rose Marie Reid’s swimwear made millions—and helped fund construction of a temple.

The First Mormon Movie
Fall 2015
Museumgoers enjoy Christensen’s Mormon Panorama, a collection of 22 monumental murals.
This Is Not a Photograph
Fall 2015
This hyperrealist art was created with oil paint.
Alzheimer’s, Meet… High Blood Pressure?
Fall 2015
High blood pressure just might have a silver lining.