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B. Robert Zawrotny

Edingurgh Ruins


Havens of Growth

Thousands of BYU students take on internships each year, exploring career paths and expanding their horizons.

Transcription Team for the Joseph Smith Translation


Transcribing a Translation

A BYU team makes the Joseph Smith Translation manuscripts available for future scholarly work.


Dancing to Her Own Beat

A Bolivian student has choreographed an unlikely path to dancing success at BYU.

Smoot Hall


Reconstructing Family Heritage

Hinckley presides at the dedication of Smoot Hall, reminding BYU of the heroism, courage, and faith of founders.

Elite Company
Winter 2004
BYU's impressive women take soccer to the next level with a historic top-eight finish.
Healing Hands
Summer 2004
Zara Ulikhanyan left Armenia to study nursing at BYU and wants to return to Armenia and make a difference.
Lunch with Legends
Summer 2004
Fans pack the Legends Grille restaurant, hungry for grub and dubs.
Hi-Tech Homes
Summer 2004
BYU’s Versatile Machine and Actuator Control team has been developing direct control technology since 1998.
Digging Deep
Summer 2004
The top-ranked BYU men's volleyball team emerged victorious over Long Beach State University.
Following Beacons of Light
Summer 2004
A renowned religion professor for more than 4 decades, Cowan is guided by insightful perceptions of the world around him
Custom Compilations
Spring 2004
At the new Speeches Web site, you can compile customized books and DVDs in a matter of minutes.
Kids on Campus
Spring 2004
Some are born at BYU to return years later when it's their time to earn the degree.
Navigating Moral Minefield
Spring 2004
A communications professor explores the ethical dilemmas that abound in the world of public relations.
Hitting Life’s High Notes
Spring 2004
A BYU student with a rare genetic disorder shares her optimism with others through song and service.
A River No Longer Runs Through It
Spring 2004
BYU's canal is no longer.
Essential TV
Winter 2004
BYU Broadcasting put its own spin on the daytime TV format in January with a new weekly series, Living Essentials.
Not Your Usual Sight
Winter 2004
Determined and focused, a blind student shows others the way.
The Magnificent Mary Lou
Winter 2004
Physics, animation, DNA, and grammar--it's all in a day's work for BYU's five supercomputers named Mary Lou.
Gridiron Greats Honored
Winter 2004
Two players’ retired numbers were unveiled atop the press box.