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Sydney A. Springer

Three glowing, illuminated Jell-O salads created in round molds are photographed from above, their ingredients showing through.


Miscellaneous Glory

Alien planets? UFOs? Photographer Daniel George's latest work features something more mundane: the Utah Jell-O salad.

Hannah Larson.


The Miracle of People

BYU alumna Hannah Larson shares the light of others on her Instagram account @HumansofBYU.

Israel Guerrero standing in his lab.


Finding Purpose in an Outbreak

A microbiology PhD student traveled back home to Mexico to aid with the Chikungunya outbreak and found purpose.

Y on Y Mountain framed by trees


Flying with Faith

BYU dance professor Adam Dyer shares how his faith helps him overcome the fears of life and soaring in aerial dance.

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Summer 2020
Can You Answer the Questions the Jeopardy! GOAT Ken Jennings Missed?
Flush with Answers for COVID-19
Summer 2020
A BYU professor uses wastewater flushed from Utah homes and businesses to detect COVID-19 infection rates.