Miscellaneous Glory : Jell-O Salad Art by Daniel George
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Miscellaneous Glory

Three glowing, illuminated Jell-O salads created in round molds are photographed from above, their ingredients showing through.
Three of Daniel George’s photographs were displayed in the Harold B. Lee Library during fall semester: (left to right) Salad Mold, Cranberry Salad, and Cottage Cheese Salad. Art by Daniel George.

Photographer Daniel George’s recent work may look like something from a sci-fi film, but his subject is often found at Utah potlucks: the iconic Jell-O salad.

A former BYU visiting professor, George scoured ward cookbooks in the L. Tom Perry Special Collections, then photographed more than 50 salads lit from below. “All the ingredients, in their miscellaneous glory, are on display,” he says.

This is George’s first food project—landscapes are his typical fare. Next he’s eyeing another Utah classic: funeral potatoes.

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