A cougar that has been made from rice crispy treats.
Photo by Britta Peterson

A lot of BYU love—and sugar—went into these entries to a rice crispy contest. It was part of the Alumni conference in October, when 300 dedicated chapter leaders were trained and celebrated.

A BYU football stadium created with rice crispy treats and other candy.
Photo by Larae Wilson
Two BYU fans stand in front of a BYU flag. They point to the table in front of them, which displays a Y Mountain replica made from rice crispy treats. The Y on the mountain is illuminated.
Photo by Kimberly and Gary Kraucyk
Three treats molded from rice crispy treats sit on a table: a large chocolate cinnamon bear, a BYU mint brownie, and a cup of ice cream.
Photo by Zachary Shrader
A model of BYU campus, complete with Y Mountain, made from rice crispy treats are displayed on a green table cloth.
Photo by Darlene Rounsville

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