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Samantha Strong Murphey


The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Thespians

An emphasis on family values is Take Note’s founding principle.


An Artistic Journey

With creativity nurtured by her parents, Elspeth Young paints female scriptural subjects.


Enter to Serve

With nearly 80 percent of the student body serving through dozens of programs, BYU students are a force for good.

Bed and Breakfast Nauvoo Ill.


A Little Nauvoo Hospitality

Operating a bed and breakfast in Nauvoo provides David and Diane Owen a chance to immerse themselves in Church history.

Gifts to Honor a Friend
Summer 2010
These donors don’t have grand financial contributions to make, but they do share a profound love for their friend.
Be Good, Do Good
Summer 2010
For Rosanne Tueller Nielsen, the 1964 Miss America Pageant, led to a life of performance, service, and family.
Help For Haiti
Spring 2010
A BYU alum and doctor shares his experiences as part of volunteer team that helped Haitian hurricane survivors.
Directing Development
Spring 2010
BYU alum is a leader in implementing long-term development programs in countries around the world.
Happy in the Valley
Spring 2010
2010 graduates find satisfaction in the climb, contributing to "Happy Valley" being so happy.
Rediscovering a Lost Art
Winter 2010
BYU alum Christian Anderson spends his time rediscovering the Anasazi's lost techniques for making pottery.
More Than Window Dressing
Winter 2010
BYU alum started sewing when she was nine. Now, she runs a bustling custom drapery business inside her home.
Cougar Networking
Winter 2010
A club known for its elaborate themed parties in the 1980s tracked members down through Facebook for an epic reunion.
Chapter Focus: Opening Their Eyes
Winter 2010
A group of high school students, led by a pair of BYU alumni, journeyed west to explore educational opportunities.