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Merrill J. Bateman



President Gordon B. Hinckley announced that Cecil O. Samuelson would replace President Merrill J. Bateman.

A Dove Flying


Spiritual Gifts

President Bateman addresses the faculty on using their spiritual gifts to edify BYU.

model temple Cowan


Temples of Learning

Consider how BYU might be a temple of learning.


Hope for Peace

President Bateman speaks of 9/11 and the peace that is possible through the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Students and the Search for Truth
Fall 2001
Through mentoring students are instructed and engaged in the search for truth at BYU.
The Banyan Tree
Winter 2001
As the parent trunk of the Church Educational System banyan tree, BYU sends out branches of influence around the world.
BYU History Lessons
Winter 1999
President Bateman shares observations from BYU's history.
The Light of Truth: Reaching BYU’s Potential Requires Your Assistance
Winter 2000
The goal of the university is to be filled with light and truth...and to share that light with the rest of the world.
NCAA Changes Sunday Competition Policy
Summer 1998
Brigham Young Magazine received the following letter from President Merrill J. Bateman in response to the NCAA’s ruling.
One by One
Spring 1998
The Atonement was not only infinite in its expanse but intimate in the lives of God's children.
Church Growth and the BYU Experience
Winter 1998
Educated people are important assets in building the kingdom.
The Eternal Family
Winter 1998
God’s plan for the happiness of his children is designed around families.
An Investment in Education
Summer 1997
Beyond dollars and cents, the highest purpose of BYU is to educate both the mind and the spirit.
A Zion University
Winter 1996
This institution is not only a university in Zion but is in the process of becoming a "Zion university."